Find Me on Google+ now offers Videos for your Canuck Website!

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First, I’m not a bit surprised at this reaction to what we think is a dwindling yellow pages advertisers market…that the YPG folks have found that offering up custom produced video for their advertisers might reduce the advertisers who are leaving their business solutions.

I’ve already blogged here quite a few times on the YPG and their marketing of the yellow pages and their online directories to Canadian SMBs here  and here and here too. If you need some background then on this kind of corporate BIG firm thinking from a marketing viewpoint, then I’d suggest maybe that you click those links to read up on same.

To make my point here, I’d offer up the following evidence….

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SMB: Local SEO Shortcuts!

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guyLove this site – - love the owner Darren and if anyone here in Canuckland has a better tool than his Citation one – hold up your hand? 


Thought not…this is a great Edmonton based SEO firm and when I read the blog posting below, I knew it deserved a reprint for our own thousands of monthly readers.

Written by a staffer there called Mikel Zaremba,  it’s a quick read to see that he’s captured the best 7 day list of shortcuts to get your own site up and ranking for Local search – it really is a great post so here it is in it’s entirety…

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Diving Deep Into the 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Report

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2014LocalWe reported as you will know just last Friday on the release of the new 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Report as developed and compiled by the highly regarded David Mihm of here…and today I thought I’d drill down somewhat on a couple of issues to think on.

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DIY SEO: Local Runs on Canadian Citations, eh!

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citation_iconOkay, you’re an SMB owner and you run a bricks ‘n mortar location in your Canadian city, in any of our Canuck provinces and you’re wondering how you can get some LOCAL ranking traction. And the simple answer is – you need to use Citations (as described here in Wiki) to gain that traction via search engine rankings….and so now you know.

Huh? Well the real story of course is much longer and some background can be found here & here & here & here….and ESPECIALLY HERE….and yes, as you’d begin to suspect, there are more and more local search ranking factors at work than mere Citations – but that’s where we all begin.

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YPG Ad Alert: Why I’m Miffed, eh!

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Yes, I’ve been seeing these adverts now for over 3 weeks and the second one in a row is now up now, eh and you should click that link to see exactly what our Canadian YPG (Yellow Pages Group) is up to when it comes to their own brand of SEO! Let’s look at this new approach to their business model, shall we?

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TGIFriday: An SEO Potpourri!

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This final week’s posting is a capture of many items we’ve noticed in the past few days…and I’ve tried here to provide both my opinion on same as well as a link for you to visit and determine what you think on these items too!

So, first up is the Infographic on the recent report on Small Business Optimism from the folks over at VistaPrint…you can find the details here, eh.

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YellowAPI: Is this Canada’s Best Local Content Source?

September 15, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Today, the Canadian YellowPages Group announced a new API that is going to be made available as a BETA test for web developers interested in streaming  local search content directly from one of Canada’s largest and most robust business and person databases.

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Canadian Citations — Mid-Year Updates!

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After the half-year mark around July 1st or so, our thoughts turned back to Canadian citations…and we were a bit surprised to learn that our own working master Canadian citation list has changed somewhat so we thought we’d update that list right here!

First, let us begin with the best of all original lists for Canadian citations, from David Mihm the well-known and respected LOCAL SEO expert, which can still be found here…. 

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YPG now to offer SEO to it’s Advertisers???

June 8, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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Okay, just found this new video over at youtube…and if you do any yellow pages advertising then you need to click that link and go for a look/see, eh! You really do, honest…to see this attempt to salvage ad dollars, eh!

It appears that the folks over at YPG, have noticed that their advertisers are dwindling…that they’re buying less page space and even opting out all together!

You will also perhaps need to know that the YPG just recently have also changed their printing mandate for the old-school yellow pages themselves and have made the white pages with all our residential phone numbers NO LONGER sent to every single household.

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Canadian Citations – Breaking News on YPG!!!

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Well….it’s consolidation time up here in canuckland, eh!

Yes, your ad dollars spent with the Yellow Pages folks have been busy lately and just yesterday, they went out and bought Canpages, our national local search and directories publisher!

The original Press Release notice is here for those of you who may want to dig to read it’s entirety…. and their fact sheet is here….

Prices noted for this sale were in the neighbourhood of $225 million dollars and the purchase included this quote —

“…Headquartered in Vancouver, Canpages publishes 84 directories for a total circulation of approximately 8 million copies. The company’s website,, attracts more than 3.5 million unique visitors each month. Canpages generates annualized revenues of $110M, with an online contribution of approximately 23%. The company employs about 700 people in Canada, of which more than 450 are sales consultants…”

Now that’s an interesting quote, in that Canpages also has a deal that is a few weeks old, with PDC (Phone Directories Company) of Utah, to provide search data on a continental scale — and with them just being bought up by YPG….that both consolidates the data into one set of servers on a North American scale!

Hmmmm…you’re thinking, so how might that affect my own site and web traffic via SEO? Well, here’s our take on that issue….

Via the ownership of ZipLocal by CanPages also a bit ago it’s becoming apparent that as ZipLocal provides online local search services in Canada to connect buyers and local businesses (the company’s search sites include,,, 411, and the consolidation is being distilled even more, in our view, eh?

Let’s face it, in our world, the yellow pages are dead. I have been asking family, friends, clients and many many more networked acquaintances, if they continue to use the yellow pages to find businesses…and the answers have ALL BEEN THE SAME! Not even once a month, does someone offer that they use same. Oh, there are the folks (me too!) who open up the yellow pages to the restaurant section to go through an ethnic menu listing (say for Thai food) that lists all kinds of dishes — but we order never from same, as we just use that list to find what we want and then order from our own local Thai delivery restaurant. Yellow page usage? Not any more…

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Canadian Citations – Breaking News on!

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Once again, our Canadian online search arena has changed! If you’ve ever wondered how come your Yellow Page ads cost so dang much, here’s an example of how some of those funds are being spent. The Yellow Pages Group, who already own,, and have just purchased the site to add it to their stable of online phone indexes here in Canada. According to their Press Release, they have signed an agreement to acquire an ownership position and interest in, to allow them to leverage traffic between them and all their other properties too!

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Canadian Citations – Add ons…

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mountieAfter a good run thru David Mihm’s pretty all-encompassing list of  Canadian Citations for LOCAL search, I thought that I’d retest them with regards of updating the list with some new “juicy” ones. First here’s his list (on his great Blog Mihmorandum!) — click here to read same! Great listing…but then I thought, hey maybe I should share some of our own too…hence this blog posting!

So what’d I learn from that list? All are great lists, and yes, IMHO, some are better than others. First off, the is still very authoritative for use for rankings and as was pointed out by Andrew Shotland over at LOCALSeoGuide — click here to read same – and this will give you an idea on where the rankings come from and what the numbers are….you’ll need this to be able to tell which ones carry the bestest juice, eh!

So, nuff of setup, what spots do we want to add to that great list? Well, here they are!

1]. BELL — okay, I hear you, and yes “touting” our national telecommunications company up here in the #1 spot can be somewhat of a challenge to some who hate MaBell, but this is solid SEO, honest. The reg is pretty easy, the site gathers lots of searches especially by what I’d call the “old school” biz types…but this one does pass juice, eh!

2]. CanadaONE – this one is run by the folks over at, another large canuck business organization, but the reg is free and there are some synergy bonuses within that site too. Great ‘other’ content IMHO and this one passes juice too!

3]. Canadian Environmental Directories — if you’re in the ‘green’ space this is a long long scrolling list of various databases, directories and business listers. Why did I include this one here? Simple, really. This whole ‘green’ arena is pretty new, just getting started and for the most part I’ve no idea as to what kind of juice these will pass….but if you ARE in the ecology world, you should look some of these over!

And lastly for a great read by Mike Blumenthal, on exactly how and which online directories pass details TO Google MAPS — click here to read this definitive post! Great info there, eh!