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@uHaul_cares: A Sample of Brilliant Customer Service!

September 27, 2013 by · 6 Comments
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uHaul-2Okay, so if you follow here regularily, you know that I usually blog about all things online in a marketing sense, and yes especially in the SEO world. That said, two weeks ago or so, I blogged about the absolutely terrible experience my wife and I had in trying to order some wings etc. for dinner from our local Waterdown WildWing restaurant, as we’d done before.

This was a horrid experience, and yes I did blog about it here entitled “What Bad Customer Service” as as you can most likely tell if you know me, I did try to present a balanced and fair viewpoint on what happened, and what I expected to happen after same. Yes, I did buy the domain and yes, I did populate same with selected reviews of the WildWing restaurant chain’s stores across the country and what other Canadian consumers had to say about same.

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What Bad Customer Service

September 16, 2013 by · 8 Comments
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wwSucks.logoOkay…can you tell I’m still very very upset about how our delivery order of last Friday evening was totally botched by our local Waterdown WildWing restaurant?

I thought you might…and yes, I did go and buy as a domain and will populate it with all of the other social media rants about just how bad this company is when it comes to customer service.

Note, that I did NOT say “bad food” as the wings are always great…it’s the idiots who manage our local Waterdown store that are to blame here and let me fill you in on what happened and how this will play out in the future as far as I see it.

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