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Our SEO Rationale…

November 15, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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seo-iconYou know, I do know SEO….that’s Search Engine Optimization and it’s a ever-changing set of tasks and searches that enables one to “push” a clients site up higher and higher in a search engine for certain key words. You need to have some real experience in developing those keywords by sitting ‘in’ for the potential web customer before you do very much at all. You need to understand how Google et al use their indexes and proprietary algos to operate their search responses. You need to have tested hundreds and hundreds and in our case thousands of methods to rank for those keywords for a client to even try to get up onto page 1. You need to both be able to hypothesize, then test, then analyze, then re-hypontesize, then re-test, then re-analyze….well that loop never ever changes…but for some of us that’s truly FUN!

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