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We’re Nominated for the Search & Social Web Award!

April 23, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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Over at the Search & Social website, we’ve just been informed that we are one of the 22 blogs, that is nominated for their BEST SEO BLOG award!

WooHoo! Course, as everyone else notes, from the red-carpet interviews at the Oscars to your local Chamber of Commerce galas, just being nominated is the real honor — winning aint’ everything is what is the real truth here!

Which of course, is a great thing as we’re “up against” some of the web’s shiny and bring best SEO blogs around! 

Click on the icon above, to go and see what I mean…and if you’ve read our blog and think that we’re truly Canadian in our SEO approach, then a vote would of course be appreciated!

I’m still pretty amazed that we were even nominated….nice to see and hopefully, a nice blip in the continuim!

My Guest SEO Bulls**t Blog is Up!

March 15, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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If you’re like me and you’re passionate about something — and I mean really truly passionate for every single item pertaining to that field, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that is something is “wrong” in that area, you just gotta speak-up, eh!

To learn what it is I’m talking about, you’ll need to pop over to this great pretty-new blog, run by David Harry called — yup — SEO Bulls**t and take a look at one of my first ever guest blogs just written for that SEO practitioner site! And yes, I’ve cleaned up the title with asterisks, as I dont’ want to offend anyone…sigh….god knows I should try to get past this, but I still think you know exactly what the word is anyways, eh?

So go over and take a look/see at my newest blog piece on SEO and what really bugs me this week…I guarntee that if you’re as passionate at what you love as I am at my own SEO industry, you’ll understand completely, eh!

Oh, and yes, there’s a great cast of other guest bloggers there, all very very knowledgeable about both SEO and what bugs them too…and given how such insult injures my own sense of SEO ethics, you just gotta read some of their own takes on similar issues, eh!

SEO Clients Shouldn’t be PotatoHeads!

December 17, 2009 by · 6 Comments
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clientsOkay, this posting is a rant for the “quality” of prospective clients that seem to come for a quote and in doing so, get our usual SEO tip for their site for free — and then DO NOT EVEN BOTHER to fix what’s obviously an issue/problem!!!! PotatoHeads, eh!!!

An example for us to show you what we mean. I received this email (paraphrased here for space) –

“I am based in (a country) and I have just started a small local business selling Heating and Plumbing Services. I would like to try Seo marketing online as my main source of advertising. I don’t require a huge flood of work as I am only a one man band business and I am at the point of being busy so it would be the right time to invest some time and money in getting this online marketing going so I can see the results and have a better choice of work to choose from rather then me taking anything I can get now. I have had a look in to Seo and various campaigns. What it is I’m after (I think!) is to focus on one of my services (like boiler installations, central heating Installations) build and use a keyword rich domain name and build that so I have revenue coming in, then move on to another one of my services like (commercial gas installations and servicing). I would want to target this marketing locally rather then nationally…”

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Our SEO Rationale…

November 15, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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seo-iconYou know, I do know SEO….that’s Search Engine Optimization and it’s a ever-changing set of tasks and searches that enables one to “push” a clients site up higher and higher in a search engine for certain key words. You need to have some real experience in developing those keywords by sitting ‘in’ for the potential web customer before you do very much at all. You need to understand how Google et al use their indexes and proprietary algos to operate their search responses. You need to have tested hundreds and hundreds and in our case thousands of methods to rank for those keywords for a client to even try to get up onto page 1. You need to both be able to hypothesize, then test, then analyze, then re-hypontesize, then re-test, then re-analyze….well that loop never ever changes…but for some of us that’s truly FUN!

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