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Sophos: A New Whitepaper on Web Malware Attacks!

November 8, 2013 by · 2 Comments
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sophos-1If you read here, you know that I do very much favour the Sophos firm and it’s attention-to-detail on helping users avoid and yes even innoculate against malware and viruses all over the globe.

You know that I follow the fine folks over at Sophos daily and their Chester Wisniewski, a security blogger/analyst on the Sophos Naked Security site and have for years. You know that I’ve followed and blogged about the Sophos YouTube channel and it always has new “leading edge” content for those of us who try to stay current in the online security field too. You know that I’ve blogged on “Blackhat SEO Expose from Sophos,” on “We Like Sophos for Safe Web Browsing” and “Canadian SEO Data Protection: Sophos Rocks, eh!” too and all are still spot-on for security concerns and the web.

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Password Protection:Be Secure and Safe!

April 18, 2011 by · 4 Comments
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Passwords. We use them every day. We have them for everything from LinkedIN to Facebook, to Twitter to our own WP sites, Paypal, online banking and more. And we’re all at risk, eh!

Why? Well, passwords aren’t so tough to crack, are they? Not really and for me, the remembering has always been the “toughest” part of same. But let me explain, eh while you look over this infographic from ZoneAlarm….

Had a client call just last week and asked if I could help them come up with a better password for their LinkedIN account…seems they’d been hacked somehow and while it was not a big deal in the scheme of things, it was worrisome enough to get them to call us.

My first question was, just how tough had they made their password to begin with…and as is most usual, they had no idea about my point at all. “We just used our company name and then added a 99 at the end….” was their reply and that made me begin to think about this error in judgement.

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Canadian SEO Data Protection: Sophos Rocks, eh!

February 8, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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If you’re a regular reader here of our blog on all things about Canadian SEO, then you know that I’m totally sold by the folks over at Sophos and their spot-on security applications, white papers, tools, podcasts and blog infometrics that they seem to offer up weekly!

While I do try to accomodate the ‘best practices’ preached by this firm on our own boxes here at the office, what I can admit to is that sometimes…well, the time I have to do real client work somehow takes up too much of my day and the thoughts — nagging thoughts to be honest, about reading more and learning more and practising more security updates and notices, falls by the wayside.

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Apple Store Hacks: Is Malware Coming?

January 7, 2011 by · 3 Comments
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I personally have not owned a Mac in years, not since I think I had a Mac CI, and bought a 1 MB HD for $999 (sigh, those were VERY expensive days eh) and so for me the launch of the new Apple Store is not news at all. Been there, done that and to be totally honest if your client base is ALL in the PC world, you’d be foolish we felt back in the early 90’s to fight that kind of momentum. So we sold our Macs and bought PCs…and tho I do still like the look & feel of a Mac, I live, breathe and die by the PC (personal disclaimer off).

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