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SoftwareHamilton PubNite: A great turnout, eh!

June 29, 2011 by · 6 Comments
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While this is a quick post, I did want to congratulate Kevin Browne for the great first-ever SoftwareHamilton PubNite last nite!

I attended and had a wonderful time and there were at least 40 of us there overall….and we talked and chatted and had a great public meetup!

And thanks too, to the London TapHouse for the use of their rooftop patio!

Here’s how it was promo’d on the Software Hamilton website —

“You can bring whatever software you develop or work with on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to show off to others in the Hamilton software community! We’ll have some tables setup for people to put their laptops on, and everybody will be free to walk around checking out what kind of things other people are working on and getting to know one another. The London Taphouse has a beautiful rooftop patio that is perfect for a drink in the summertime – come out for a fun night!”

And it was a fun night too! Met some great folks, coders and entrepeneurs and investors too….and the city EcDev dept was well represented there too! Beer was cold and the highlight of the nite was when a big gust of wind picked up one of those nice lime green BudLite umbrellas and dropped it off the building! No one was hurt, and this was the last gust like that…<grin> but sure made us all laugh, eh!

Yes, Hamilton’s software/startup community is growing….and that is SO SO SO nice to see!

Social media in person….now there’s an idea, eh!