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Social Media/SEO: Tools Tools Tools

April 25, 2011 by · 14 Comments
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So very many bloggers that I read daily have in the recent past listed Social Media/SEO tools, that I thought it might help to give up some links to same…sort of┬ásome “swiss army knife” tools, eh!

Social media tools come in all sizes and shapes and at various costs and monthly subscription rates…and as a disclaimer, we use only a couple of the URLS here and I’ll note same when that arises later in this piece.

And yes, it’s Monday in the am and yes, I’m about “eastered” out…but as there’s still a bit of chocolate left in Canada, I thought that I’d lead this week with this recap….and let me tell you there are some new interesting URLS here…and you should at the least, drop by and take a good look see, eh!

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