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2010 & Hope: Our Stats World changes Quickly, eh!

December 6, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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As a blogger for only a short 12 months now or so, I’m not really into the “normal” flow of blogs at this time of year. That is, I’ve just been reading and researching SEO tactics a la Google, and while the changes are quick and encompassing, the speed that they happen at is the real surprise….but I digress a bit. What I mean to say is that after blogging research, I see that many of us SEO practitioners do a year-end wrap-up of what they’ve learned/done/practiced SEO wise and what they recap is historical.

Not me. I dont want to look back because to be totally honest, it’s been one hell of a year trying to “hit the target” for our SEO clients as Google et al moved the dang target time and time and time again! That said, we did okay by our clients and they’re all better now in December/10 than they were SEO wise in December/09. My life – our client’s life, is a full plateful of statistics and analytics and SEO strategy based tactics….and all the Excel spreadsheet phobias be damned. We still live and breathe stats, eh!

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