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DemoCampHamilton2:Another Success, eh!

May 30, 2011 by · 6 Comments
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Last Friday, May 27th, saw our second ever DemoCampHamilton2 held up at Mohawk College and it was another great success for one and all! First, big kudos once again to Kevin Browne, founder of our community and our DemoCampHamilton founder and driver of this type of community grassroots mission to get our city up and running when it comes to moving our town into the knowledge world! So thanks Kevin!!!

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Free Canuck Website Program Update: at!

May 13, 2011 by · 3 Comments
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Well, after a heck of a week pounding away at keyword research, new site designs, web development proposals and yes, even some family time, I thought it was appropos that I look at and update the recently announced free websites for Canadian SMB program.

As you may remember, we reported on same right here back on April 1st - and no, it was not one of those dumb April Fools joke posts…but a real live launch for a new program sponsored by Google, Rogers, the Royal Bank and lots of other major firms here in Canada. And the idea, if you think about it was a great one.

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Google +1: Reviews when You Need Them?

April 6, 2011 by · 7 Comments
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Well, keeping up with Google is a real chore at times and a new, just launched program entitled “Google +1″ has entered the online social mileu in the last few days. And what do I think? Ummm…well, here’s the skinny on this attempt by Google to try to IMHO, institute a new “social” indicator into their web results.

First, do go to that link and look over the video that explains what it is Google is attempting to “do” by instituting such a new method for those of us who wish to “review” a site, can do so. When you’re done that, come on back….

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Merry Christmas 2010 to One & All!

December 25, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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Up early this Xmas morn to just wish one and all a very merry Canuck Christmas!

Please enjoy the holidays and as our offices are now closed till January 4th, we’ll be taking a week off to count our blessings too!

See you all in the new year, eh!

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Xmas Surprise! 25,000 new Inbound Back Links!

December 20, 2010 by · 8 Comments
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Well, we got our Xmas present early this year….and it’s a total surprise too! You see what we’ve discovered, after yes some real investigation and anxious moments, is that our site here at got 25,000+ brand new inbound backlinks in the past month. Yup, no mistaking the number….it’s more than 25 thousand brand new backlinks, eh!

Yup, know what you’re thinking, I do! Did we believe those surprisingly new backlinks? i.e. did we believe that they even reallly existed? To be honest here, no…we didn’t.

We went over to our account at Majestic and asked for support to first investigate that what we were seeing under our backlinks reporting area.

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Mountie Mike says “DO move to Canada, eh!”

November 19, 2010 by · 7 Comments
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Yes that is well known and respected SEO Practitioner Mike Blumenthal in his brand new Canuck Mountie hat as the winner of our own Poll held recently to try to “name” for us SEO types, what we might want to call the new Google PlaceSearch puppy!

And Mike, you’re now an honorary Canuck and while our freezer was outta Moose meat roasts, we hope that this Mountie hat award will do instead!

Your support for us Canucks from a guy who lives close to our mutal borders is muchly appreciated….

And for all you other SEO Practitioners who value authoritative and trusted research and analysis on “all things LOCAL” from Google, you just aint gonna find a better source of same than Mike! Here’s his blog for your own edification —!


Happy First Birthday!

November 15, 2010 by · 5 Comments
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One year ago today, I launched this blog on “Canadian SEO for Google Success…” and as a result of same, I can honestly say, I’m a happy canuck camper! This post, ie my one year blog birthday post has been gnawing at my psyche for about two weeks and I’ve had mixed feelings about what to write about but I’ve settled on the whole tone and content of same — I just wanna tell it like it is!

A full year ago today, I wrote that to be a succcessful SEO practitioner, you needed quite a large variety of skills, patience and resolve that you were going to succeed for your clients…and that’s something that I’ve been able to live up to over the past year which is a good thing, I know. So far, we’ve posted 112 blog posts and have had 876 comments/postbacks, with more than 4000+ incoming backlinks in that 12 month period. Not too shabby for a blog newbie, IMHO, eh!

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Poll: On What We SEO Types Want to call Google PlaceSearch?

November 5, 2010 by · 12 Comments
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Okay, so Google just “blended” their algo — moving away from a seperate Places (Maps) algo and their Web Results ones and have combined same.

And the official Google name that they’ve chosen to use is “Google PlaceSearch” but like many SEO types,  I hate that name!

And not only me it appears as many other SEO practitioners have made comments too, using their own name for this new combined serp results page…and I thought that as it’s Friday, I’d post a quick poll to see what we SEO types wanna call same!

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October 20, 2010 by · 9 Comments
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Google moves sometimes with the speed of a turtle and other times well ahead of the pack, and the latest addition to the search results page is both quite surprising and interesting, eh!

Go to (note, .ca only…as I can not get this to display on!!!) and then enter a search term. I used my SEO company name of KKT INTERACTIVE and then click on the search button!

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Google now Geotargets their SUGGEST tool!

September 27, 2010 by · 11 Comments
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Okay, no real surprise here, just a test of what I’ve been seeing/thinking/pondering on for the past couple of weeks, eh! Right, Google now has added the LOCAL geotargeting algo to their Google Suggest dropdowns….here look at what I see for each letter in the alphabet just this morning.

Wait one second, first let me just remind you that I’m working in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area and yes, I’m logged into my browser using the static IP that I have from my local cable company. I ran this set of Suggest serps from a box using XPPro/SP3 and using IE8 to start with. I then switched over to Win7/Firefox and got the exact same results from, yes…the exact same static IP…and ALL serps were run with my NOT being logged into my account at either…fyi….

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Four Great Ways to Use Google’s Insights for Search Tool for CanuckSEO!

September 20, 2010 by · 8 Comments
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You know about Google’s Keyword Tool and given the quality of free and premium tools now available for SEO, you’re probably over it by now. Then there’s Google Trends, which is fun to play with and shows comparative data based on keywords. But have you tried Google’s Insights for Search Tool yet? Better yet, have you leveraged its insights for better optimization of your web site?

Insights for Search (IfS) is Trends’ obscure cousin (it’s been in beta for over two years), but it’s a very cool tool for people who love search data – and there are several areas where it outdoes Trends. But before we talk about some interesting ways to use it, here are some random tidbits we uncovered about search in Canada: 

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