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MIPs Entrepreneurship Fair 2014 – A True Success!

November 21, 2014 by · 2 Comments
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Sjvr-1o yesterday, it was my pleasure to have been one of the speakers at the 2014 McMaster Innovation Park Entrepreneurship Fair and let me tell you it was a success.

Know how I know? Because of the questions we received from the attendees….that’s always a great ranking factor when it comes to the “value” of what it is you’re passing on to the seminar attendents – and after more than 100 speaking engagements over my career, I think it’s the best way of all!

But before I mention those items I should let you know that yes, the weather has been terrible lately, there was a snow squall the night before the Fair and yes the roads were bad…not bad enough to stop the 200+ folks who came out to the Fair nor for that matter for a bus or two of high school students enrolled in EntrepreneurShip training to attend. Continue reading “MIPs Entrepreneurship Fair 2014 – A True Success!” »

theSpec:Hamilton Business Magazine Rocks!

June 7, 2012 by · 5 Comments
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Okay, yes….you’ll find me in this newly created most recent June 2012 version of the Hamilton Spectator monthly Business Magazine…and I’m quite proud of same, eh!

 The Spec Business Magazine is under the direction of Rick Hughes the Spec Business editor – but managed by Cheryl Stepan, the magazine editor and….well….I like it a  whole bunch!

And let me tell you why…on three major points. The first is on the new biz magazine itself –  or even better, let me show you how that was explained by Cheryl herself here –

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It’s Time to Invest in Hamilton!

April 9, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Yes, it’s exactly the right time to think about our wonderful community and think investment! Money, sure, I mean money by all means, but that’s not what I’m really thinking about today…what I’m thinking about is the commitment of time – your time and in truth is there anything more valuable than time? No there is not. And here’s why, eh!

Time is the measure that we all use, to try to live, work and exist in life, and we use it haphazardly when we’re not focused I think. As one grows a bit older, and the term “been there done that” comes to the top-0f-mind position more than not – that was the time for me when time suddenly appeared to be of more import to my life than anything else.

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McMaster Graduates: And Entrepreneurial Funding!

February 26, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Regular readers here will know that while we continue with our SEO practice, provide Mentoring to our Hamilton based Innovation Factory clients and have a startup or two of our own – we also very much look for leadership by any of our local community leaders. And it’s so dang nice to be able to report on this brand  new offering from our Federal Government….yup, we’re talking about cold hard cash for McMaster alumni to fund their own startups!

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InnovationNight3: Hamilton StartUps Success!

October 14, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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Once again, it was my pleasure to be asked by the Innovation Factory folks, to help coach and mentor the next batch of our Hamilton startups for their presentations to Innovation Night:3 held just last Wednesday nite at the MIPs Centre here in Hamilton! And what a batch it was!

We had founders that were inventors, community builders, marketing mavens, new app builders and print publishers…and one and all were so damn passionate that it was a pretty easy task to coach them into developing their one or three minute presentations – and myself and the other coaches/mentors there all had a great time doing just that and I wanted to invest in a couple myownself, eh!

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Student Software Entrepreneurism Opportunities: An Op-Ed View!

October 7, 2011 by · 6 Comments
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While a Computer Science graduate student and lecturer at McMaster University I’ve often had graduating students ask me if I know if any “good jobs” are available.  Students are having difficulty finding jobs that they find fulfilling intellectually, that offer opportunities for advancement, and that make them feel a sense of purpose by doing something important to them. 

I genuinely believe that even though the opportunities presented to students may seem bleak, the ability for students to create their own opportunity through software-based startups has never been better.

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VeloCity Venture Fund: The Video

June 17, 2011 by · 4 Comments
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If you read here you know that I am a BIG BIG fan of the whole Velocity meme up at the University of Waterloo….and their recent foray into startup funding has really caught my own attention….and others too!

At their recent Velocity Venture Funds contest, a couple of weeks back, the first two winners of $25,000 each were announced and they can be seen smiling right here.

And there’s more too….a new video that outlines the various Venture Funds contest entrants and the play by play of the whole project…including, I might add a nice cameo by Ted Livingston, who helped fund the whole thing with his $1,000,000 contribution to expand support for the Velocity student entrepeneurs.

You may also remember that I reported here on my own “challenge” to our McMaster University, by sending emails to both Paul Bates (of DeGroote Biz School fame) and Dr. Benson Honig, the prof who holds the “Teresa Cascioli Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership” at McMaster….ah…leadership…that’s the ticket, eh!

So….what – you might ask…well, like all damn good ideas, this one needs some support, a push or two and yes, even some begging I’d suspect…so I am challenging one and all Hamilton members of our business community to come here and comment on same….let us know that you’re “in” and “how” you might be able to help too….

McMaster…you listening, lads?


Velocity Venture Fund: You Listening McMaster?

May 10, 2011 by · 8 Comments
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Some background first on this non-SEO oriented post would be apropos, eh! I’ve been a staunch supporter of the University of Waterloo’s Velocity experiment started back in 2009, and it’s a successful attempt to bring a new environmental approach to startups via an on campus dorm incubator. Go here or here to read more on same…and as an upfront notice, I do know Sean Van Koughnett who is one of the founders of Velocity and remains onboard as a director of same – he and I worked together almost a decade ago for another Waterloo marketing/communications firm – so KUDOS Sean!

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