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Announcing the 2015 LOCAL Search Ranking Factor Results

September 24, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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2015LocalSearch_iconOnce again, David Mihm and about 40 of the top Local Search SEO experts (yup, I’m one of them!) combined to survey, develop, collaborate and then publish the annual 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors survey – and its’ out and it’s right here at!

Backstory is pretty easy….8 years ago, David Mihm and a few others worked on the survey by finding Local Search experts, asking them to “rank” what they thought were the topmost ranking factors to move your site up to the top in local search and it’s been a published gold mine of information for like 6 years or so. I’ve personally been one of those Local Search experts for 6 years and I can tell you, this is a very detailed, very focused survey.

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SMB: Local SEO Shortcuts!

November 14, 2014 by · 6 Comments
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guyLove this site – - love the owner Darren and if anyone here in Canuckland has a better tool than his Citation one – hold up your hand? 


Thought not…this is a great Edmonton based SEO firm and when I read the blog posting below, I knew it deserved a reprint for our own thousands of monthly readers.

Written by a staffer there called Mikel Zaremba,  it’s a quick read to see that he’s captured the best 7 day list of shortcuts to get your own site up and ranking for Local search – it really is a great post so here it is in it’s entirety…

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Breaking News: Our 2012 Local Search Ranking Factors!

June 11, 2012 by · 7 Comments
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Yup, short short post…as I’m still working my way through the early release of the 2012 Local Search Ranking Factors survey created and compiled by David Mihm that you can find here

And yes, we were once again, asked to participate and as I work my way thru all of the ranking factors it is so nice to see that my own noted items were so much a consenus of many other top-notch SEO practitioners too!

A big big #kudos to David Mihm for his work on this each year….can’t be a lot of fun – and with Panda, Venice and now Penguin to consider too….it must be a work of love, David! Muchly appreciated!