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SEO Keyword Research Revisited

April 27, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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KeywordResearch_graphicOnce again I find it an opportune time to revisit my own take – supported I would add by just about all of the top SEO experts, on Keyword Research – what works and what doesn’t! This excerpt is taken from my new eBook – “Online Marketing Success” that one can find here on or!

First, you will need to attempt to define your Keyword phrases for your products or services; discover your competitor’s usage of their own keywords; develop a completely new set of keyword candidates for your own use and then re subscribe to the top 10 search engines.

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Use BING Ad Intelligence Tools for Better Keyword Research!

January 13, 2014 by · 2 Comments
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bing-2Okay, I know the title here on this post may cause one to shake their head and wonder why anyone would ever use anything but Google itself for keyword research but let me assure you, there is a real gem in this honest promotion of the BING Intelligence tools.

And that gem is real live numbers that one can see along with trends and updates as they happen! And yes, it’s Microsoft’s own tools with the ability to work within MS Excel, their spreadsheet program that every single SEO practitioner uses to hold data and research on keywords, IBLs, backlink candidates…..the list is long, eh!

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Keywords 101:This Great Infographic Shows All!

December 17, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Over at, the folks there haven’t been posting many blog pieces in the last few months, but the one that went up just last night, is dang good, eh!

If you think about it at all, you’d have to come to the realization that the keywords that you target are VERY important to your rankings, to your prospective customers or clients and most importantly, to develop new revenue streams. Keyword research then is just about the basic foundation for any SEO Campaign and really it requires much thought, research, testing and then yes, even some VooDoo to get a handle on what works for you and your site!

It’s not easy. It’s not quick. It’s not fun. It’s not to be thought lightly of, either. It’s dang hard, long work to come up with say the top 25 or 100 or whatever number of keywords/phrases that will work for you and your site. What you’re doing, of course, is trying to sit in the seat of that prospective customer or client of yours, and use your best thoughtful work to come up with what they will use to find you.

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