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#HamOnt Wins: Innovation Night Summer Showdown!

June 27, 2014 by · 2 Comments
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IF_showdownersYes, it’s our third annual Innovation Factory Summer Showdown Pitch contest and held last nite, it was once again a great reminder that our #HamOnt city is in a total renewal phase!

It was my pleasure to accept one of the 3 Judges seats for same and our chore as in other years, was to listen to the 12 pitches from the contestants, then help with our own queries to name the final 2 finalists who’d go “head-to-head” in a 2 minute Pitch-off and the crowd would decide on the overall winner.

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Innovation Factory’s First Innovation Night at McMaster!

March 7, 2014 by · 4 Comments
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Hamilton, ON (March 6, 2014) | by Emily Kinread, Marketing & Communications Manager,

winner-1On March 5 over 130 people gathered at TwelvEighty Pub at McMaster University to hear 12 innovators pitch their business ideas at Innovation Night.

Co-hosted by Innovation Factory, the McMaster Entrepreneurship Association, the McMaster Social Innovation Lab and the McMaster Engineering & Management Society, Innovation Night brought together students, innovators and business professionals from the community.

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Innovation Night: Another IF #HamOnt Success!

November 15, 2013 by · 2 Comments
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Innovation Night - November 2013Just last Wednesday, November 6th here at our own Hamilton McMaster Innovation Park the Innovation Factory once again held their big quarterly Innovation Night competition and was what can only be called a true successful event! The Innovation Factory has run this event many many times in the past 3 years and yes, I’ve blogged about them all here

First the Atrium was sold out…not a seat to be had and there was I’m told a waiting list for attendants too so the hubbub was big and the buzz strong and we were all pumped and ready for the whole evening’s ceremonies. Our MC was yes, David Carter the Innovation Factory CEO and he was as surprised as the rest of us “usual attendees” when he asked how many folks were there that night for their very first-ever Innovation Night event when more’n half the audience raised a hand!

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Innovation Night SHOWDOWN: Another IF Success Story!

July 19, 2013 by · 2 Comments
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showdownYes, another success story from our own #HamOnt Innovation Factory and I’m so so pleased to have attended this big Innovation Night SHOWDOWN Pitch Contest just this past Wednesday evening!

So, what is a “Pitch Contest?” you might ask…and it’s really just what it says. Past winners and nominees from within the Innovation Night events held all year, get a two minute timed presentation to pitch their company to a crowd of more than 300 and they do it with style and drive!

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Innovation Night Winners in #HamOnt!

November 19, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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It seems like so so long ago, when our Innovation Factory held our first Hamilton based “in house” Innovation Night competitions….twas only about 18 months ago I think…but we’ve had so many winning nights that they all stand as successful ways to hear what’s “new” in startups here in the city.

And last Wednesday night was no different as we had about a dozen competitors who competed for the two big prizes of top-of-the-line tech gadgets, Lenovo IdeaTab tablets and what a competition it was, eh!

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Videos: Snappay Says Hello to the Video World!

August 7, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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Okay, so we’re famous. Well, maybe not quite yet…but at least someone on the other side of the video camera thought enough of our presentations on Snappay, that we got taped and here’s a few links to same for some PR publicity.

Please do go and look at same, eh…I’d love to see us get like millions of views….er well at least a couple of hundred would be a nice thing!

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Innovation Factory Showdown: Snappay Wins!

July 27, 2012 by · Leave a Comment
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Okay so you’re thinking that you’re a bit perturbed that you were unable to make last Wednesday’s Innovation Factory  big competiton – their Innovation Night Showdown and you wanted to find out just who won?

We did!

That’s right, Snappay our mobile POS app startup firm, pitched and beat out all the other competitors to win the Contest and a brand new Apple iPad3 too!

But then again, maybe you didn’t even know it was the big summer scheduled event so here’s a bit of backstory on same.

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Innovation Night Success: Oxygen & Deals!

April 19, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Innovation Night is Hamilton’s key event for innovators and entrepreneurs to share and develop their ideas, practice and perfect their pitch, and present to their peers and the local innovation community…and we were there on Wednesday night for the latest rendition of same….and what night it was!

First the “pitchers” who numbered more than a dozen and we loved the variety of the startup ideas that we heard! Well, to be totally honest, as we help mentor the Innovation Night workshops that occur a week earlier and last week we were there to listen and offer advice and counsel…and that alone is a real challenge.

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Innovation Night: Another Big Success for Hamilton & Snappay!

January 20, 2012 by · 6 Comments
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After being a part – however small – of the ongoing Innovation Night series of events for our Hamilton based Innovation Factory, it was no surprise that again this past Wednesday, myself and over two hundred other startup aficiandos attended the first 2012 gala event at the MIPs centre! And what an event it was!

Disclaimer: I am actively involved in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ marketing for Snappay, one of the evening’s contestants and I wanted to state that right up front. That said, what a wonderful boost to said marketing program, as Lorne Lantz, the founder of Snappay won the event with the judged Best Business Proposition Award and took home one of those brand new color Kobo readers! #kudos to Snappay….and signup here for more information! Continue reading “Innovation Night: Another Big Success for Hamilton & Snappay!” »

InnovationNight3: Hamilton StartUps Success!

October 14, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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Once again, it was my pleasure to be asked by the Innovation Factory folks, to help coach and mentor the next batch of our Hamilton startups for their presentations to Innovation Night:3 held just last Wednesday nite at the MIPs Centre here in Hamilton! And what a batch it was!

We had founders that were inventors, community builders, marketing mavens, new app builders and print publishers…and one and all were so damn passionate that it was a pretty easy task to coach them into developing their one or three minute presentations – and myself and the other coaches/mentors there all had a great time doing just that and I wanted to invest in a couple myownself, eh!

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InnovationNight2: Another Success for Hamilton!

July 14, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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It was my great pleasure to be invited last week to help out with the Innovation Factory’s Workshop for candidates for their Innovation Night Startup presentation judging….and was I impressed along with the other mentors there too!

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