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Tuesday Infographic Day: Long Tail has Hidden Value!

January 15, 2013 by · 2 Comments
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hiddenTailWell, I suppose that the first thing is to know the term “long tail” and what that means for us SEO types – as well as SMB owners all over the globe! So…what is a “long tail?”

Simply put, it’s a term that we Canadian SEO types use to describe a search engine tactical response area – and here’s how it is described in Wikipedia…

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Black Friday & Xmas Shopping RE-CAP: Amazing Numbers!

November 26, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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So…the past Friday, known at least here in North America as “Black Friday” the day after the celebration of the US Thanksgiving is now over and some of the numbers that were projected are “in” and what may be surprising is that a Friday can last all weekend, eh!

What do I mean? Well, first visit and pore over this great infographic from the folks over at has visited this topic and has the following numbers to report…based on their own projections as well as industry stats it appears for both the Black Friday period and into the next month of Christmas shopping too.

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TopRank Tip: “The Stalking Dead” is a Great Read!

November 12, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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Okay, so the first thing today, is to learn where I got this great tip – from Lee Odden, the head honcho over at and what a great tip it is! Lee is the knowledge generator there (among many other things I’d imagine) and in that role he writes great blog posts about all types of online marketing from strategy to tips to empirical items of note. So Kudos right off the bat to Lee!

What’d he say…well his blog piece is here that I found just on Friday past, and it is of great interest….perhaps because I love art of almost any type and whole Samurai style and content of the piece is so so much fun to read from – and to learn too!

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24 Hours in the Google Economy!

November 2, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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If it’s one guy I especially like when it comes to reading his “take” on all things marketing, it’s Oli Gardner of – and yes, he’s done it again! His take on the latest infographic, published by Wordstream entitled “24 Hours in the Google Economy” is pretty dang spot on and you must both go to look over the longish infographic here first….then read Oli’s take here.

See what I mean?

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A Halloween SEO Infographic: Cool but Scary, eh!

October 26, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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Not too often that I get to see a targeted spot-on SEO infographic that speaks to me both with great knowledge and it has a timelyness that I can appreciate, so when I found this one this morning I just knew I had to share it right here!

From what I can gather – tho to be totally honest even an old media guy like me knows how to find attributions – this one is a bit muddy. You can find the infographic here on the site, and it’s bylined by a writer (note, not an artist either it appears) named Dana Loiz of Caphyon, an apparent marketing firm.

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Best Time to Send Emails is?

October 22, 2012 by · 5 Comments
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Okay, if you’re like me you try not to be online much each weekend…well…at least you do try. Yet I find that while I do not much surfing (other than looking up stuff I’d have no chance of ever getting correct in the New York Times crossword) emails I do try to look at at least once a day.

That should, at least in my mind “cut down” on the huge numbers of emails that I find in my INBOX on a Monday morning….but once again, today…I had more than 250+ emails…and yes, most of them were not for me.

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Fabulous Friday: An SEO World in Comics…

September 7, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Yes, it’s Friday again, and my mind turns to the weekend, and how nice it’ll be to NOT work 12 hours on the computer but cut that way way down to maybe only 6 or 7. Yes, I know…but that’s the type of guy that I am – sort of a semi-geek, semi-startupDude and semi-investor…but that’s fodder for another post.

Today, I want to talk about – well a bit at least, SEO comics. It should be no surprise to any online type of guy that the SEO world offers up much – and I really do mean MUCH – ammunition for a solid chuckle.

Here’s a recent chuckle to show you what I mean…

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Smartphone Supremacy: Who’ll Win and Why to Care

August 31, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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As most of our readers know, we’re very much involved in Snappay, our mobile POS app that is available in the Apple store…and it’s adoption by merchants all across the globe.

But as you’ve just read, we’re available right now ONLY in the Apple store for the iPhone or iPad devices, our Android product is still some bit downstream on our development roadmap…and that got me thinking…

Why would we develop for the Android series of products anyways?

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How “Big” is the SEO World on the Web?

August 17, 2012 by · 10 Comments
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It’s Friday again, and yes I want to show an infographic that I found inadvertantly that offers up a spotlight on our SEO world on the web.

What I mean by that is what kind of statistics that come to light when you look at Google Insights, Google Adwords, Google Trends, Wikipedia, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land and more. Quite a list of knowledgeable sites I think we’d all agree and the numbers that the firm known as Blue Caribu has put into their great infographic here, is pretty cool!

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FabulousFriday Infographics: A RoundUp for SEO!

July 20, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, it’s a Friday again and I’m jammed, but by now our regular readers know that….end-of-the-week issues for us always arise as clients and Google seem to want to make changes just before the weekend starts…sigh….the life of a Canadian SEO practitioner is fraught with too many tasks in short timelines, eh!

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Infographic Friday: All About Images!

June 22, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, you’ve got a website, it’s up and running….and maybe you’re wondering why the traffic to same ain’t so hot…well welcome to the club SMB owner! It should be no surprise that just getting the site up and running is not the “end” of that marketing strategy…the next part of that enterprise is driving traffic to same. And there’s the rub!

While this blog post is not about how to create and develop a full SEO Campaign to drive that traffic, what I wanted to talk about are three great infographics I’ve found to position my own rationale on same, so let’s chat about them in no specific order…

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Friday Infographics: A look at their SEO Value!

May 18, 2012 by · 6 Comments
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Okay, first my conclusion – that as of today, Google et al still value infographics and yes, that value can result in tons of IBLs (incoming back links) that can help build a set of serps that will rise in the rankings. There. Said it. That’s how I feel. That’s what I think. And yes, my clients have the serps to prove it…

But is that what others think too? And do they have any evidence to mount that infographics do NOT help SEO? Well, let’s see….

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