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Fabulous Friday: An SEO World in Comics…

September 7, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Yes, it’s Friday again, and my mind turns to the weekend, and how nice it’ll be to NOT work 12 hours on the computer but cut that way way down to maybe only 6 or 7. Yes, I know…but that’s the type of guy that I am – sort of a semi-geek, semi-startupDude and semi-investor…but that’s fodder for another post.

Today, I want to talk about – well a bit at least, SEO comics. It should be no surprise to any online type of guy that the SEO world offers up much – and I really do mean MUCH – ammunition for a solid chuckle.

Here’s a recent chuckle to show you what I mean…

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Smartphone Supremacy: Who’ll Win and Why to Care

August 31, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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As most of our readers know, we’re very much involved in Snappay, our mobile POS app that is available in the Apple store…and it’s adoption by merchants all across the globe.

But as you’ve just read, we’re available right now ONLY in the Apple store for the iPhone or iPad devices, our Android product is still some bit downstream on our development roadmap…and that got me thinking…

Why would we develop for the Android series of products anyways?

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How “Big” is the SEO World on the Web?

August 17, 2012 by · 10 Comments
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It’s Friday again, and yes I want to show an infographic that I found inadvertantly that offers up a spotlight on our SEO world on the web.

What I mean by that is what kind of statistics that come to light when you look at Google Insights, Google Adwords, Google Trends, Wikipedia, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land and more. Quite a list of knowledgeable sites I think we’d all agree and the numbers that the firm known as Blue Caribu has put into their great infographic here, is pretty cool!

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FabulousFriday Infographics: A RoundUp for SEO!

July 20, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, it’s a Friday again and I’m jammed, but by now our regular readers know that….end-of-the-week issues for us always arise as clients and Google seem to want to make changes just before the weekend starts…sigh….the life of a Canadian SEO practitioner is fraught with too many tasks in short timelines, eh!

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Infographic Friday: All About Images!

June 22, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, you’ve got a website, it’s up and running….and maybe you’re wondering why the traffic to same ain’t so hot…well welcome to the club SMB owner! It should be no surprise that just getting the site up and running is not the “end” of that marketing strategy…the next part of that enterprise is driving traffic to same. And there’s the rub!

While this blog post is not about how to create and develop a full SEO Campaign to drive that traffic, what I wanted to talk about are three great infographics I’ve found to position my own rationale on same, so let’s chat about them in no specific order…

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Friday Infographics: A look at their SEO Value!

May 18, 2012 by · 6 Comments
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Okay, first my conclusion – that as of today, Google et al still value infographics and yes, that value can result in tons of IBLs (incoming back links) that can help build a set of serps that will rise in the rankings. There. Said it. That’s how I feel. That’s what I think. And yes, my clients have the serps to prove it…

But is that what others think too? And do they have any evidence to mount that infographics do NOT help SEO? Well, let’s see….

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Fabulous Friday: Infographics Rule!

May 11, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Okay, it’s been a rough week – yeah, I know for you too… but especially since we’ve had everything from client fires to put out, new clients to pitch, clients to wine & dine (if that wasn’t you don’t worry, your turn is coming, eh!) and yes,  doing the normal SEO practice work all week long too!

That said, I did find a couple of real infographic gems and would like to share same with you and surprisingly a couple of them are on WordPress & SEO….so let’s take a look/see at what I’ve found this week, shall we?

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Fabulous Friday: SEO Infographics R Us!

April 26, 2012 by · 5 Comments
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Well, Thursday night really, but hey this is the only chance I’ll have in getting my normal Friday blog piece done and posted…because of my total commitment to our StartUpWeekend Hamilton:2 that begins tomorrow up at our Mohawk College and runs for three days straight!

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Friday: Must be Our Infographics Day, eh!

March 9, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Just finishing up a brand new week and very chuffed about a brand new car dealership client too and with our normal Canadian SEO practice workload up a bit…. I’ve not got a ton of time today to expound on the following great infographics that popped up this week….but here they are, eh!

First up, is the one I love the most cause it features Smurfs! Yup, those loveable little animated cartoonish looking pixies, and no they’re not blue either in this infographic!

From the folks over at, conceived by by Joe Davies, and the design was by Rebecca Troth…this great piece is entitled “The Different Types of SEO Client” and how you should attract the best!

And yes, they do list a Perfect SEO Client and I’m proud to say that all of our own SEO clients hit that metric, spot-on! Thanks there teknet…great piece and will worth the click, eh!

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Fabulous Friday SEO Infographics: Mihm’s Best!

January 26, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Yup, it’s only Thursday evening and I’m tired of watching amateur cooks face off over hamburgers on the Food Channel  and with Friday being a full day down at our Innovation Factory for Mentor Committee intakes and meetings and then Cafe iF – I’m going to miss the chance to add a new post here to our blog. So….here’s our Fabulous Friday Infographic….and boy do we have a real winner to lead off with!

David Mihm, noted SEO practitioner from the Pacific NorthWest, is one of my own SEO personal role models. This man knows SEO. Period. And as he also runs the 30+ of us who help him with his Annual Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, he knows Google Maps/Places too. And then there’s the online research group that he founded and runs – and did I mention the whole #localUniveristy group too? Okay, you get my drift…if there’s a guy to emulate, David would be dang close to the top of that list, eh!

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Site Testing: Why This is SO SO Important!

January 9, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, you know your stuff. You’re either a leading edge (or not so much) web developer or you’re an SMB who keeps his/her ear to the tech ground listening (or not so much either) for the latest in how to build a site that converts leads into buyers. You’re aware of the best practices of all of that – and yet your site just isn’t performing as good as it could be. Sound familiar?

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Friday means Infographic Roundups, eh!

January 6, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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Ahh….Friday again…and as usual it’s been a heck of a week in SEO land! Many many small issues arise throughout a week of working on SEO Campaigns for clients and this past one was no exception. As many of you know, I visit about 200+ sites each and every morning that are news related, opinion related, blog posts, forums, bulletin boards and even still newsgroups looking for the latest “bleeding edge” SEO tactics and this weeks visits once again pointed out a few real winners!

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