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Mobile App Development — it’s a Process!

October 9, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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appFound this just a couple of days ago and thought,  yup…for all those new startups that I listen to on a weekly basis, who tell me that they’re making an app and it’ll be ready in like a few days…

This quite nicely outlines some of the items to consider, to cost out and more importantly perhaps, to add to your own time-line too!

It’s from the folks over at – don’t know them – rather didn’t know them but after going over this great piece, item by item, I’ll be going back to their site often for more Canadian SEO info, eh!

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Fabulous Infographic Fridays!

September 18, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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seoChecklistOkay, those of you and there’s thousands monthly, eh, who drop by on Fridays to see what I’ve found usually get some pretty good ideas from the Infographics that I dig up.

But not today – well a great Infographic yes – but I didn’t find it – it found me.

I got an email from a  Sam Oh of that he’d just put together an SEO Checklist Infographic and I thought, yeah yeah…seen hundreds and so what could be new in that narrow channel?

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Infographics: A Look at Whatcha Reading?

August 28, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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whatcha.It’s not too often that I go “off on a tangent” i.e. away from online marketing and SEO and SEM and that kind of post — but today I wanted to share a great Infographic I found just a couple of weeks back that I think is somewhat “telling” of our society and where it’s headed.

Back when I was a youngster in the 1950’s everyone knew, everyone said and everyone followed this mantra — want to be smart? then read!

I mean that in all honesty. Around my house there were piles and short stacks of books on everyones night table, on the den coffee table, downstairs in the rec room too.

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FabFriday is Infographics Day!

July 3, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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fridayUsing what gray matter we had this week was a bit tougher than in most weeks as the middle of the week was our nationlal holiday, but then this is something that at an age, you do learn to handle okay.

National holidays are great things but boy do I ever wish that they could always fall on a Friday or a Monday so we’d get the whole long weekend thingy going <Canuck rant off>!

Well, at least semi-competantly…so our clients are fine, our testing continues and yes, we did find some pretty cool new Infographics to share.

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Do You Need an SEO Checklist? Thought So!

June 1, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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Complete-SEO-ChecklistOkay, so you know your site needs SEO – it’s the only way to organically send you the much needed traffic to generte enough leads and potential customers that you know of (us too!) and while yes, PPC works today – it costs $$$ that as yet you just don’t have.

If you’ve ever “been there” then you know that the learning curve to try to come up with an SEO plan is a huge one…one that in all honesty takes years to develop and put into practice never forgetting too that what works today may not tomorrow.

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FabFriday Infographics for Winning!

May 1, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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fridayOkay, been one of those weeks again, what with checking all the client sites for their “mobile-friendly” tag and whatnot…but at least it’s now Friday – so it’s time for a couple of great infographics, eh!

That’s not to say the week is over, mind you….we like all SEO firms continue to test and test again and yes then one needs to compare the test results to see if A beat B for this Call-To-Action or if adding an “s” to pluralize that keyword made a difference or what client competitors are up to in all types and kinds of channels…sigh…working on Canadian SEO is a long long struggle…but yeah, we love what we do!

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FabFriday Infographic: DuckDuckGo vs Google!

March 26, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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[This is a guest blog post by Nevyana Karakasheva is a digital marketer at OptiLocal, an online marketing agency, specializing Local SEO.

duckduckThere is hardly an online user who has not used or at least heard of Google. Many actually perceive Google as the embodiment of the Internet period. We find our next dinner recipe on Google, we look up the best fairs for our summer trip again on Google, we find a carpenter, we order sneakers, we read reviews, news, sports live scores, we date, we chat, we watch videos – all on Google, but the real questions is do we know Google at all?

[ED: Here’s the link to the great infographic on same…]

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Fab Friday the 13th: Infographics Day

March 13, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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fridayBeen a pretty good week so far…course it ends today which is a Friday the 13th day…but I don’t suffer from “triskaidekaphobia” so it’s more the start of a weekend that appeals to me.

Except, this week I am going to mention only 2 items….and here’s the first one – a guest post from Adam Maidment over at and it’s entitled 13 reasons why your brain craves infographics” – note the use of the 13 in the title?

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FabFriday means Infographics, eh!

March 6, 2015 by · Leave a Comment
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fridayYup, ‘nother one of those weeks, where you work dang hard and then the algo throws you a loop and you gotta burn the midnight candle to get your whole client roster back on track….sigh…thanks Google!

That said, did find a couple of great new infographics for you SMB owners who’re looking for some marketing help to pour over and learn from – all offer up great info in an easy-to-digest manner and I would recommend that you click each of the links below.

Well, if you want great Canadian SEO that is….

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FabFriday: A Single Infographic for eCommerce

February 13, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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eCommNot often I think about SEO for eCommerce sites as we don’t have such a client right now – but when I ran into this huge, long scroller this week I knew I’d have to blog on same.

Located here on, it’s entitled “The Ultimate, Epic Guide to Create a Successful Online Business in 2015″ and it as I said is quite a long well done graphic that says it all – least as far as I’m concerned!

Not that it’s about SEO only – it’s not at all. In fact it’s a compendinium of the top 20 items to strategize upon, to help you get your own eCommerce site up and running and making you revenues.

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FabFriday is our Infographics Day, eh!

January 30, 2015 by · 2 Comments
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fridayBeen one of those weeks…with Google last week notifying millions of site owners that their sites sucked when it came to mobile display and then letting the world know that this is also now one of the 200+ ranking factors, we’ve been busy eh!

Not to say by the way that your site MUST be mobile friendly at least if not RD (responsive design) built, but that’s an argument for other posts….

Today being Friday I’ve listed here some of the best Infographics we’ve found recently for your own SMB SEO DIY campaigns…how’s that for a string of Canadian SEO acronyms, eh!

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FabFriday Is Infographics Day, eh!

January 23, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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fridayBeen a great week again, got some testing results from the mid December Penguin updates back and yup, our clients are still fine. Got some feedback too from a local client on their own standings after we “silo-ed” their services for satellite offices too, and that worked out well as well.

So today, I thought would be a short one, but I found a couple of interesting items that you too would be good to click on to learn more – and when I say “you” I mean any SMB owner out there who might be interested in getting some SEO traction but at this point doesn’t have a road-map all done.

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Need Infographic Development Sources?

January 19, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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red-2Infographics work when it comes to SEO. That is, using a well developed/designed Infographic to show what you’re talking about can help any SMB owner to get some great incoming back links and by default some great rankings too.

I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree on that point yet I see over and over many marketing/SEO/business blogs that take 10,000 words to try to describe something that a simple Infographic would have done much better.

So I thought today I’d list some great Infographic development firms you might consider if you think you’d like to look into this idea…

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It’s FabFriday Infographics Day!

January 9, 2015 by · 2 Comments
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fridayBack in the saddle means among other things, back into the normal ebb/flow of client based business and for us here at KKT INTERACTIVE Inc., that means generating real live leads for our client sites. A large part of that is yes, the discovery and development of Infographics to aid our SEO/SEM client programs and that means keeping your “ear to the ground” when it comes to new infographic memes.

So…when we find same, we archive the URLs and then review them on our Monday mgmt Skype calls with staff/contractors and this week due to the recent Holiday season, we had a ton of same. Oh – writing a set of .NET scripts to go out and bot in new Infographic URLs wasn’t hard it’s just the drill-down into the folders of same that takes the time, by the way….

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FabFriday is Infographics Day!

October 10, 2014 by · 1 Comment
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fridayYup….again a heck of  a week…we did get to slide away up north for two days earlier but we’re back “in the traces” again and loving it! SEO – in fact the whole world of SEO and SEM and online marketing is as usual, roiling with change and adaptations and modifications, warping and twisting as it moves along.

And we try to stay as close to the leading edge as we can…

So today I thought I’d add some new Infographics to your list of great sources of information and help on your own SMB online marketing push for your website, and we found these all in the past few days…

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FabFriday is Infographics Fun!

September 12, 2014 by · 2 Comments
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fridayYup, great week just getting completed put a real smile on my face this am and for the most part, it was a great one. Did have a hiccup or two…and I’ll blog probably next week on why some clients just shouldn’t ever be in an SEO Campaign…but that’s next week.

One more thing on that next-week topic though….have you ever searched Google for “why does SEO take so long to work” type of query? If you’ve not bothered, you should as the length of time it takes to get traction is a major stumbling block for too too many SMB owners….sadly!

Today being Friday, is our usual Infographics day and I’ve a few to share that I found over the past 10 or so days and they all are or at least could be helpful to anyone who is in the SEO world or web developer world or Social Media community building universe too.

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