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Local University: SEO Knowledge in One Day!

September 14, 2015 by · 1 Comment
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localUI’ve been lucky enough to attend two of the Local University Seminars in the past couple of years and you can find info on them as I wrote posts on same here and here

Suffice it to say, that these are the “best and brightest” of the LOCAL SEO experts around and if you take the time to attend and listen and digest, you’ll come away with much more knowledge than you brought to the event too!

And yes I do know that this is a register & pay for a membership site – but the overall arc of the knowledge you’d receive is without question the best in LOCAL search by far!

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SMB: Local SEO Shortcuts!

November 14, 2014 by · 6 Comments
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guyLove this site – - love the owner Darren and if anyone here in Canuckland has a better tool than his Citation one – hold up your hand? 


Thought not…this is a great Edmonton based SEO firm and when I read the blog posting below, I knew it deserved a reprint for our own thousands of monthly readers.

Written by a staffer there called Mikel Zaremba,  it’s a quick read to see that he’s captured the best 7 day list of shortcuts to get your own site up and ranking for Local search – it really is a great post so here it is in it’s entirety…

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LOCAL SEO: A Checklist for On-Page Factors!

August 18, 2014 by · 8 Comments
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check1It’s always a surprise when I get a new LOCAL SEO Campaign client and do a competitors analysis for their channel – and when I say surprised what I mean is that it’s really a set of on-page factors that must be done – and they’re not! That is, while the new client may not know what to do it’s the lack of just about anyone in their city and channel too, that always makes me shake my head with a “doh!”

Let’s say you run a legal firm in your city. You have (like any professional does) certain “areas of expertise” like perhaps “personal injury” or “trademarks and patents” – which ones you choose to specialize on is of course up to you but when it comes to Google et al, what you want to do is to let them know – yup, you’re the leader in that type of legal area in your city.

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Promote your Local Business with Photos in Google!

August 23, 2013 by · 2 Comments
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google_bizPixWe online types know, that Google has been working hard to improve the way people discover local businesses and to do that they’ve added some pretty cool features that any SMB can take advantage of to promote their business.

One area that is still pretty new and we’d like to feature here is the ability for any business to showcase their actual bricks & mortar venues from the street and right into their front door!

To do that today, I’m going to be using a great local #HamOnt example, our own McMaster Innovation Park and show you what they’ve recently done to showcase their own beautiful premises!

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BubBye Zagat Restaurant Reviews:Hello Stars!

May 17, 2013 by · 2 Comments
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ham-1-smallOkay, you may not have heard of the Zagat review system for restaurants in the US (learn more here) and the fact that this firm was bought by Google back in the fall of 2011 to be used it was stated “to aid it’s local search rankings” and that seemed to hold some promise for the veracity of same.

What I thought back then (blog link here) was that as Zagat had some real authority in the restaurant review world, that when Google bought same, it could only work well for those rankings and at the same time spin away from Yelp et al  and the plethora of phony reviews.

At least that’s how it looked to me…at the time – but as I’ve learned….things change muchly in the Canadian SEO world, eh!

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Fabulous Friday SEO Infographics: Mihm’s Best!

January 26, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Yup, it’s only Thursday evening and I’m tired of watching amateur cooks face off over hamburgers on the Food Channel  and with Friday being a full day down at our Innovation Factory for Mentor Committee intakes and meetings and then Cafe iF – I’m going to miss the chance to add a new post here to our blog. So….here’s our Fabulous Friday Infographic….and boy do we have a real winner to lead off with!

David Mihm, noted SEO practitioner from the Pacific NorthWest, is one of my own SEO personal role models. This man knows SEO. Period. And as he also runs the 30+ of us who help him with his Annual Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, he knows Google Maps/Places too. And then there’s the online research group that he founded and runs – and did I mention the whole #localUniveristy group too? Okay, you get my drift…if there’s a guy to emulate, David would be dang close to the top of that list, eh!

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Google Places/Maps: Breaking SEO News….

July 22, 2011 by · 21 Comments
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Well, I suppose it had to happen…that Google would decide to “clean-up” it’s Places/Maps pages and so far, this new change is somewhat disturbing to those of us in the SEO channel. We’re the ones who work hard at the fulfillment of all of the various factors that are needed to move a client’s site up and up in the rankings for Google Places/Maps so that if someone looks for say “lawyers in Hamilton” — the client site comes up nice and high in the left hand sidebar with a link to the full client page.

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SMBs: Owning your Own Web Equity!

March 16, 2011 by · 4 Comments
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Mike Blumenthal is one hell of an SEO practitioner, and he’s just released a terrific new infographic on a topic that’s near and dear to all of us SEO types, entitled “Web Equity: Owning your Local Web Presence!”

And what a solid piece of well researched and informative knowledge this is, eh! Credit Mike offers, is due, and this graphic was originally inspired Mike writes, by a Lisa Barone blog post titled 11 Reasons Your SMB Still Needs A Web Site and refined with the help of David Mihm, Mary Bowling and Matt McGee.

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Canadian SEO & Google HotPot: Lessons Learned, eh!

February 4, 2011 by · 9 Comments
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Okay, by now you may have already learned that Google has just three days ago, added the Google HotPot social input to their web results “big leagues!!!”  

News? Yes? Does that help searchers? You be the judge! For me the jury is stilll out, eh! And here’s my backstory on my testing so far….

I know that many of you do not even know what Google HotPot is — and the basic definition from Google on launch day back in November is as follows…

“a local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends. With Hotpot, we’re making local search results for places on Google more personal, relevant and trustworthy…”

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Poll: On What We SEO Types Want to call Google PlaceSearch?

November 5, 2010 by · 12 Comments
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Okay, so Google just “blended” their algo — moving away from a seperate Places (Maps) algo and their Web Results ones and have combined same.

And the official Google name that they’ve chosen to use is “Google PlaceSearch” but like many SEO types,  I hate that name!

And not only me it appears as many other SEO practitioners have made comments too, using their own name for this new combined serp results page…and I thought that as it’s Friday, I’d post a quick poll to see what we SEO types wanna call same!

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November 1, 2010 by · 17 Comments
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I’ve been banging away at the “new” Google BLEND search engine results pages now for 6 days….and I’m pretty well amazed, eh!

What’s that you say? A change to the way Google reports it’s findings for your search terms? And what does that mean for us SEO practitioners and our client rosters?

Not much, at least for our client roster, it appears — at least so far IMHO! But let’s get into  this whole big change shall we?

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GetListed Local University: Denver

September 24, 2010 by · 4 Comments
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It’s not often that I let our readers know about “other” online spots unless they are absolutely at the TOP of their craft….hence my blog piece today about the next GetListed Local University dates in Denver, CO!

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Online Maps Review Credibility: What do you see?

August 9, 2010 by · 12 Comments
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Okay, let me start by saying right up front, I don’t know if this shows to you what I think it shows to me. And that is that when reviews are published online in Google Maps and are available to be seen by one and all, that they are actually “true”, credible and rightous. Or are they? You tell me…and here’s the points to ponder on this for all us Canuck SMBs, eh! And a big “tip-O-the-hat” to Miriam for the finding and blogging on this late last week that got me thinking about our canuck google maps and what I’d find too, eh!

First, go to  and use “Leggat Pontiac Buick” as a search term…to open up a link to a local GM car dealership website, located a few miles away from where I live and one that yes, I’ve used for service to my own car in the past. Always had pretty good service and pricing too, I believe….but that’s for another blog posting.

Of course, you will need to be using the ‘un-logged’ in google settings to get the same default serp results that others get, ie you need to turn off your own settings for this….and once you have clicked, then you will see the same report that I do as shown here below….

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Google Places:SMBs can now Respond to Reviews!

August 5, 2010 by · 4 Comments
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Yup, just announced yesterday, Google now allows a SMB biz owner to respond to reviews from customers or clients in the Google Places milieu! Which of course is great news, sort of….for one and all, eh!

First the official notice on this is found here at the Google LatLong blog and you should make sure that you read same.

Next, that article has links to here, the Google Places Help area, where they show you exactly how Google thinks you should respond to reviews on your Places pages….using these simple items —

    • Be nice!
    • Don’t get personal!
    • Feedback is important!

They go on there, to point out a couple of other items like offering up Ground Rules for your postings and Example Responses too, to show the not-so-social SMB owner that a rant here is not good for business!

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#LocalU Conference a Cleveland Success, eh!

July 2, 2010 by · 9 Comments
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Well, I’m back from a two day quick trip to Cleveland and attending the #LocalU SEO Conference there offered up by David Mihm’s leadership over at! And what a trip it was, both the first-time drive to Cleveland on I-90 and the Conference itself.

You have to remember, that unless you do attend Conferences or Seminars in person, your whole on-line friendships will never ever be as “big” as they can be — hence the chance to attend this Google Places/LOCAL Conference was high on our list to meet online friends in person!  And we met a superb bunch of SEO types at the Conference itself as well as later over happy hour too!

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SEO for Local Business Essentials!

April 19, 2010 by · 5 Comments
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If you are a local Canadian business, there are a few business essentials you’ll want to take care of for the online world:

  1. Website
  2. Google Maps profile
  3. Active social media

Let’s talk a bit about each of these for your local business.

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