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Flash & SEO? Not for Us Anymore!

March 28, 2011 by · 5 Comments
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Over the years,  I’ve been a staunch follower of the simple understanding that for Google et al to “read” your website HTML pages, it needs to find them. The HTML, that is…it must be totally findable, searchable, readable and indexable. And there’s the “rub” when it comes to those beautifully designed Flash sites, eh….

And my own thinking, based on actual trial and error testing, appears to be vetted by many many other SEO practitioners on the web…folks whose thoughts and blogs and counsel I follow religiously. Most of us think and agree, that using Flash is a serious mistake in the SEO ranking world. It adds too too many obstacles to what should be a solid process and it makes you use work-arounds to get anything done. It’s time time time and that as you all know by now, is that costs dollars and that is why we take on no new clients who insist on a full Flash site. Oh, eye-candy navigation is fine…we SEO around that, but a single HTML page holidng a monolithic Flash .swf? Nope…not for us!

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