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Our SEO Programs

One of the most important items in any online marketing program is the ability to score very highly in the Search Engines for rankings on keywords used by your potential customers. They go to Google or Bing or Yahoo and they type in a phrase that will attempt to find the kind of company that they are willing to do business with – and this is the kind of response that we can program directly into a client’s website from it’s beginnings!

Our SEO Program will see a major amount of work done for this Program over the complete 12 month period as we will attempt to define your Keyword phrases, discover your competitors usage of their own keywords, develop a completely new set of keywords for your own use, and then re-subscribe to the top 10 search engines. This will take somewhere between 12 and 18 weeks to fully implement the SEO positioning but will raise your company’s positioning of your placement within the top 10 engines on a global basis in your own vertical marketing channel.

Being fully involved with dozens of clients means that any Canadian SEO consultant or Hamilton SEO consultant needs to know as much about cost effective Canadian SEO as can be learned via research and testing. And we test all the time! The Google algorithm has more than 200+ ranking factors and to be a successful Hamilton SEO specialist as well as a Canadian SEO consultant means that we need to be constantly hypothesizing about what ranking factors are in flux, testing for same as a part of a well researched Local SEO campaign or Canadian SEO campaign, and then modifying our on-page and off-page SEO tactics. This is what makes a Canadian online marketing Local SEO specialist good at their jobs…and get clients their traffic too!

For more information on our various SEO Programs,

you may visit our corporate KKT INTERACTIVE website!


A short list of our various SEO campaigns for global and local SEO businesses would include the following…

  • Hamilton Search Engine Optimization programs
  • Hamilton Search Engine Optimization campaigns
  • Hamilton SEO proposals and campaigns
  • Hamilton Local SEO programs
  • Local SEO campaigns for small business
  • Local Search Engine Optimization programs for small and medium business
  • Local Hamilton SEO campaigns for non-profits and charities
  • Local Hamilton Search Engine Optimization for small businesses
  • Local Ontario SEO programs
  • Local Ontario Search Engine Optimization proposals for non-profits
  • Local GTA SEO programs
  • Local GTA Search Engine Optimization for small businesses
  • Canadian SEO

For more information on our SEO Programs and to find out about a plan specially geared for your website, call us today at (905) 928-5566!

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