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Jim Rudnick, CEO

Internet Specialist: With over 27 years on the net, from the days of Lynx and text based inter-educational only communications, I have spent my days and many many late nights working for a special brand of client.

Those who appreciate having their strategic design and tactical tasks done by an expert with a reliabilty on always being on time and on budget! I love what I do and can’t wait to get up each morning to face the day’s challenges!

And of course, our SEO Practice continues to grow as we have added more than 8 new clients this year alone. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing love of ours that we approach with passion and patience….and our clients gain traffic and conversions and resulting new revenues too!


ASP, .NET, XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, WYSIWYG CMS systems design, CRM Systems design/development and rapid tactical deployment of new technology as an MCSD.

Keyword strategist, Wordtracker member, Google consultant & your all-round SEO strategist and LOCAL Google search consultant too.

And we know SEO! After being in the search engine industry for over 19 years now, we’re considered as Canadian SEO specialists, with great knowledge and skills in getting our clients up and up in their channel rankings. A part of that cost effective Canadian SEO reputation is the ability to be both a Hamilton SEO specialist as well as a wider Canadian SEO specialist too…ie we understand both the LOCAL search algo as well as the national and continental one too! Google as most know has more than 200+ ranking factors and being a Hamilto SEO consultant means that you just must know more than Local search, you must aim at a wider Canadian SEO arena too!

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