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Social Media and Game of Thrones Furor!

June 3, 2013 by · Leave a Comment
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redWeddingIt’s probably no real surprise to our readers that Social Media can play an important part in how one “expresses” themselves about something you care about….and last nite’s Game of Thrones HBO television show validates that premise entirely!

That is, does Social Media enable it’s users to quickly shout out their opinions to one and all?

First, my disclaimer….our youngest son Tanner turned us on to the HBO tv show… playing most of season 2 as a marathon about a month ago….and yup, I was hooked!

Went right to our local Chapters Bookstore and bought the first of the series by G.R.R. Martin, a very well known and respected author…and I read that book in 4 days. Went  back to Chapters and bought the second book “A Clash of Kings” and it was read in 3 days….

And just last Saturday, went and got the third book “A Storm of Swords” and I’m only partway through same. So I had no idea as to what last nites HBO showing would cover….and like hundreds of thousands of others….I’m in shock as to the plotline development.

But it’s the use of Social Media that is really what I wanted to point out here….

Last nite’s show was a brutal depiction of what one Lord did to his King, Queen and all members of the Stark family in revenge for that King Robb Stark breaking his word to him. And what a vengence it was….

Called “the Red Wedding” by book readers, this (unknown to me at least as I’m not that far into book 3) it has  been called “traumatic” and no wonder….here’s how one website depicted same….

“It’s a twist that has traumatized readers since 2000, when A Storm of Swords was first published, and the TV version has clearly had the same affect: immediately after the episode aired, Twitter exploded with anguish, rage, sorrow, horror, and comedy. Here are the best, funniest, angriest, and most insane tweets that last night’s Game of Thrones inspired…” []

As you can tell…the comments are very very personal….and show that by using Social Media one can voice same to the whole world….in fact it’s prompted a whole Twitter profile – @RedWeddingTears - that again is chock full of that outrage and hurt voiced again by thousands….Beth Behrs, star of the 2 Broke Girls tv show said same here….

Over on the GOT Facebook page, things again are showing that most of the HBO show followers had not read the plotline via the books, but were just as surprised and upset….and voiced same too.

Over at popwatch, they’ve got your Red Wedding invitation up for you to watch….do give it a minute or so to load and then animate, eh!

Read the interview with the actor, Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark who comments on the death of his character here….

And the Atlantic site offered up it’s commentary here…..this is especially deep well worth the click…as is the Rolling Stone site review here…

And lastly today, WIRED magazine covered same too….here…and as you’ll note, with much more in depth coverage…and more spoilers too….if you’ve not read the series of books, then leave those spoilers hidden!

As you can tell, the world really wasn’t ready for last nites Red Wedding GOT show….and it was via Social Media that people voiced their opinions…..and displeasure. Will that “matter” in the real world…not a bit but as you can tell, Social Media is a tool that not only sponsors and sanctions revolutions and uprisings of all types in all countries – but also comments on television shows too.

Real power in real peoples hands…..can’t wait for the next GOT show….and I’m sure that I’m not alone, if we all remember that the rule of GOT is “not to fall in love with any characters! any!!!”

Just found these actual reactions to the Red Wedding show by viewers on YouTube here….



Kudos to the King! 

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