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Why Most SEO Leads Just Can’t be Closed!

January 29, 2013 by · 11 Comments
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roi_wheelThought it might be time to talk about the simple fact that, for the most part, when we SEO practitioners get a “lead” it generally is not worth much effort when it comes to closing same.

Huh – you think? Is this guy for real? Any lead should be followed, nurtured and then you go for the close…that’s the way business grows. Isn’t it?

Well, yes….usually that’s how things work….but let me explain…

Sales leads come from many places, referrals, word-of-mouth, clients, social media authority…where ever they come from they’re generally after the same thing in the SEO world. More traffic. More website visitors who will look at the client’s wares/services and make the decision to contact or buy. Simple. But not so simple….

The most important thing to think upon, is the client ROI. That is, the value of any SEO Campaign to bring in new and huge traffic can only be contemplated by a client who has the ability to know and understand the ROI on such a Campaign. And for what we’ve found to be 90+% of the leads that we get, the SMB owners know little of same. ROI or return on investment means that the SMB owner will need to work out the difference between what they’d pay an SEO firm to “GET” the traffic, versus what kind of revenues will come “IN” to their company. That difference, is the ROI…so a Campaign that say costs $15k, and brings in $30k shows an ROI of 100%…follow me here?

So there needs to be an “investment” as you can see…and how many SMB’s think upon that before they begin the ardous task of finding an SEO practitioner or firm who can handle the tasks?

In our experience, it’s less than 10% of the leads that we get. Most want something for nothing as most know little about business basics…

TOO TOO many SMBs have not as yet considered the basic business premise that to “hire” someone costs funds via the investment that will need to be made.

TOO TOO many SMBs expect that an SEO Campaign can be had for a few dollars a month and they want instant results and only #1 serp rankings too….all of which are reachable but never even instantly and with the standard Google algo updates of a couple of times each day, not fixed either.

TOO TOO many SMBs want “get-rich-quick” tactics without considering the damn hard work and long hours needed to be SEO Campaign successful…and the fact that they’d have to invest to get same is alien to them….sigh….

Is this a rant?

Perhaps….it’s just that in the past 6 months we’ve been innundated with the kind of SMB owner who expects those #1 serps for a few dollars a month. Where they get the idea that such a plan could work is beyond me….perhaps it’s because they go to those online services firms like fiverr or freelancer or oDesk where SEO Campaigns can be had for $100. Too bad that such Campaigns are never ever successful….too bad that the SMBs who go there expect to be successful.

But thank God for those kind of online services places, else my own phone/INBOX would have dozens more of these SMBs who don’t know enough about an ROI to begin to look for a successful SEO firm. Those leads can’t ever be closed….is what we’ve learned…

There. Had to say this. Business is business….but in my SEO world these kind of leads are just not worth the time! If a lead shows me that they will NOT invest in their own business…why should I?

You? What do you think on this….is an ROI SEO Campaign on your own horizon?

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11 Responses to “Why Most SEO Leads Just Can’t be Closed!”
  1. I have this same issue and often somewhat see red flags appearing during the first call or email or even face-to-face. More often than not it turns into an educational business seminar. ;)

  2. Gary Cooper says:

    Nice post. I really found it quite interesting to read and i hope you will post more good stuff like this in the future.

  3. Jim Rudnick says:

    @Jason….while we dont get many of those educational seminar types, we do get the usual real estate salesperson, insurance agency, software startups etc etc – and yes, just about ALL of same have no idea about how to invest in an SEO Campaign – nor for that matter on what an ROI even “is!”

    Makes me wonder tho….as what I see is a basic “hole” in the biz marketplace where someone needs to teach these biz types on how to use marketing/advertising etc to gain traction and increase revenues….sigh….


  4. Daniel says:

    I am always amazed about how documented are all your posts. Although it had taken me several minutes to read the whole article, I must say it is very helpful to every aspect.

  5. Jason Cook says:

    Jim, you headline screamed at me the moment I saw it. Only yesterday I sat in a meeting with a client for over 3 hours who seemed to think paying us £400 per month was doing us a favour and that if on the basis of this, sales increased on their recently launched website they would pay more money. I am going to do my best for this client, but I am going to have to severly manage her expectations about what can be achieved on such a budget. As you say it is a constant battle with that type of client. Really nice article, grass roots level business and I am glad others get this type of client throught there doors.

  6. It cannot be denied that SEO did a great impact in local search marketing, much more that it also bring positive impact in sales.

  7. Peter Palmer says:

    I can get websites on to the first page of the search engine results with 3 months, depending on the number of keywords that are being targeted. The techniques I use are white hat but not in line with what anyone who owns an SEO blog will be saying. I, for example, don’t believe links are important to a website’s rankings in the organic search results. I have solid proof of that. It doesn’t require a great deal of work on my part and so I can charge clients less for my SEO service. However, what I make clear to my clients is that just because they are positioned at the top of the search results, it doesn’t mean that their journey is complete. What about conversion optimisation? What about lead incentivised generation? In any business, just because you get a customer through your doors it doesn’t mean they are going to buy. You must have a compelling offer. If clients come to you expecting the world from a simple SEO campaign, then of course they will be disappointed. Most don’t know, and tonnes of agencies likewise seem to forget, that SEO is part of what should form a wider marketing campaign.


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    Thought it might be time to talk about the simple fact that, for the most part, when we SEO practitioners get a “lead” it generally is not worth much effort when it comes to closing same. Huh – you think? Is this guy for real? Any lead should be follow…

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