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Speaking Re-Caps: Great Weekend for Online Marketing!

October 16, 2012 by · 1 Comment
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Most of our regular readers know that we post usually Monday and  Friday….and that yesterday, I did not get a chance to post….so why?

Simply put, because I was so dang busy with clients first and speaking engagements secondly….and this post today is yes, late…but on just where I’ve been lately passing along our knowledge of online marketing!

And I’ve got two seperate events to talk about today…so here’s the one on the weekend just past!

First, on the weekend just past, I was one of the featured speakers at the Your Business is Now Conference held in Hamilton at the Crowne Plaza hotel and what a great event it was – a sold out conference full of SMBs and web developers and marketing companies all looking to increase their knowledge.

Friday night just past saw the SpeedNetworking round that was a great idea for all attendants. We sat in front of a new contact for 4 minutes…chatted….talked about what each of us “do” and then found if there might be a way to work on projects or client work together. Times Up! Move to the next new contact…then the next….etc. A great time was had by all and the sheer din of that many (more’n I think 50 of us) voices was astounding! And yes, I hope that I was able to help some of the folks that I did get a chance to chat with…..must have as my Twitter followers went up by more’n a couple of dozen and I’ve had emails on opportunities too!

Saturday was the all day Conference and while I won’t go thru each and every speaker, it was a great way for the 100+ attendees to sit, listen, make notes and learn.  My own session was on the “Hi & Lows of SEO” and I tried therein to give a mile-high view of why SEO is so so so important – and then followed that up with a granular drilled-down 10 tips ‘n tricks that the attendees could use on their own site to get some traction and visitor traffic. 

I know that this was a great success too…as the number of folks who asked questions later in the Q&A session was astounding…the organizers had to cut it off after an hour and yes, I’ve gotten emails from attendees who missed out on asking questions….so to me – a total success!

So Kudos to Monica and Louie and Steve….able organizers and entrepreneurs who got the idea to hold this kind of a conference and went “out on a limb” and put the whole show on! Great event! And I hear that yes, they’re already looking at holding one again next year too….

And yesterday was the Seminar that we were asked to give for both the St. Catharines RIC – nGen and their partner on this the city’s Enterprise Centre….and we got a full 4 hours to pass along our best online marketing strategy as well as tactical moves that would allow the seminar attendees to listen and learn and then put into practice what we taught.

Successful? Absolutely it was….the Q&A that we got showed many many of the 25 attendants were knowledgeable and willing to learn…as well as able to intake new ideas and knowledge and temper it for their own biz.

I loved it! Great great thanks to nGEN for thier leadership on this and especially to their partnership with the city Enterprise Centre dept that made the event happen!

Kudos one and all!

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One Response to “Speaking Re-Caps: Great Weekend for Online Marketing!”
  1. Rob Cairns says:


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as speaking. It was a great weekend with high energy in the room. It was a good weekend that I will not forget for a long time.