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Why “rel=author” might be of Value, eh?

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Okay, so you’re just searching for something – say it might be news on that Hamilton Lion’s Lair event just of a week ago. So you type into your Google search field “Lion’s Lair 2012″ and click on SEARCH….and up come the hits.

And guess what….one of them, the top one in this case as the #1 hit, has a picture of the “author” as well as the normal search snippet that Google adds to the description area.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that photo was of YOU?

Big nod here….it sure would, and let me tell you why that would be important to you…for both SEO and your own personal brand reputation too! And how Google will help build your AuthorRank too…

Just like the one you see if you give that a try like I just did and you get this #1 web search result –

As you can see, it’s me! And yes, it sure does help build my own brand as a blogger, as the owner of CanuckSEO and lastly as someone who has something to “say” on the Lion’s Lair event too! All good things, eh? There are some great rationales out there about why this is such a great thing to do, try a Squidoo page here…or the stats that 1 in 5 it looks like web search results now show a “rel=author” in the top 100 results. Try Barry’s piece here too….with a lot of extra URLs to go and look over too. And lastly while on background, do read AJ’s piece here….surely a top SEO/SEM consultant on the globe and he makes some great extrapolations based on what he’s found too!

So, how to accomplish that? Google for a simple “rel=author how to” and you’ll find millions of same, but the one that I followed to get the job done was from the “horse’s mouth” Google themselves and that hit can be found right here at GWT…

You do need some pre-requisite items…a Google+ account and your own website where you produce your great content – for me that was at my Canadian SEO site, You will also need a good “head shot” for Google to display as well as you’ll need to verify some items so that Google will then link your content to it’s search results.

I chose to use Option #1 on that Google Webmaster Tools “how-to” but the choice is your own. Took me all of I think like 10 minutes to suss out what to do, open the various windows and ensure that I dotted all the “i”s and crossed all the “t”s too. And in less than an hour….after I’d checked a dozen times mind you….yup, there it was.

My own setup was a bit different than yours might be as my blog is a WordPress blog so I needed to make a couple of small changes there too…but that can be looked up again in Google with a simple “rel=author for WordPress” web search. I especially like Joost’s blog piece here…or Caitlins piece here.

¬†Give it a look/see and then consider that if you want to grow an¬†online reputation based on your chosen way of earning a living….rel=author just might be the next tactic for you and your success!

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