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Friday Potpourri: About Many Mobile things, eh!

February 24, 2012 by · 1 Comment
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Only so much time in a week, it appears and I’ve about run out of same! But not to worry, dear readers….here’s some “odd’s ‘n ends” that I’ve gathered up over the past week or so, that are cool, surprising and most of all, show potential for all of us involved in the digital arena, eh!

First up, is a great short but sweet infographic that I found from the folks over at Bazaarvoice, and as you’ll note if you clicked, that it’s on a channel that I’ve been watching over now for more than a year – the growing use of Tablets as a part of our digital day-to-day process. Cool eh…nice to see the growing trends as users adopt same.

But that’s not all from Bazaarvoice today….

Next, take the orange colored link entitled “Conversation Index” to go to the next fee from Bazaarvoice to read their presi there on “Social Data:The New Currency” which is a great way to try to understand what is happening in that space. Look too, as I did, as slide #11 and see the pullquote there that states “…transaction revenue coming from mobile devices tripled this year!” Hows that for a great stat! A 300% increase in mobile transactions….hmm…have you got a mobile app in your own production pipeline? Oh….then why not?

 But, once again, that’s not all for today….as the latest stats published by Chitika, one of my favourite research sites, shows the following information to be of great interest too – especially if you wonder which mobile platform holds which market share and how that may be either growing or shrinking too.

While it’s no surprise at the huge lead that Apple has, what is somewhat interesting, is that their share has dropped by about 8% in the past month and HTC and Samsung have both increased nicely. Hmm…so, how’s your Android app coming along….oh, not so good? That’s an area to consider too, eh!

And while I’m on mobile here’s a last great Friday link – to and their Mobile page….give that a look/see at least once a week eh, to watch the upcoming mobile app developers and how they push their own apps via this site at launch time!


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