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Breaking News:Google RealTime is UP!

August 30, 2010 by · 10 Comments
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After a wait of almost 9 months — gestation I figure, Google has today launched their own RealTime search index and it’s LIVE and up for our use! And us Canucks are included!

Go to this link here — — to get a first look at same….and I’ll  run thru some of the features here for your edification….

Firstly, for background, you might want to read Google’s own words on this launch…the original announcement is here and the launch notice is here….Danny Sullivan and Rae Hoffman, both top notch SEO world bloggers commented and if you take the time read same, you’d understand my own take, entitled “Google Opens Up a Dangerous Dooryway,”  on this announcement from about 8 months ago too…previous comments aside here…you be the judge of what this new search engine idex will be, eh!

So, with the knowledge that this new search has some issues, go to the URL and take a look at a basic realtime search — I used “Paris Hilton” myself as the keyword phrase seemed pretty current….and let’s look at those results shall we? Here’s the resulting screen from same…

As you can see, Google RealTime gets it’s feed from a variety of sources like Twitter and Facebook and many other social media feeds.

Such items,when recorded in their own home URLs are then fed to Google for inclusion and show up when you do a search on the Google RealTime engine. I’ve circled a couple of them to show you that they are very very realtime results and are fed to your page in realtime.

What does that mean?

If you look here at my own results, you’ll note that I’ve circled the time noted for a result or two. This is the time that has elapsed, since the posted social media comment was made at Twitter or Facebook or wherever it might have been made.

This then truly is “realtime” results….22 seconds in my first result is pretty close to “now” and I’ve seen as I’m sure you will that you will often get results that are even shorter, much shorter in duration.

Note too, that the first result that I got, from AKAseoul, if you roll over or click on that link result URL, will take you to their own Twitter page here…this will of course, give back traffic to Twitter or whevever that results link points…furthering, IMHO, the connection between Google and the social media feed site.

And the feeds are realtime in truth too…as you watch the most recent ones be appended to the top of your results page…my own Paris Hilton search page is now a long scrolling one that goes back 21 minutes to the oldest search result and shows “seconds ago” as the newest…realtime search indeed!

Further, a look up at the top of the results page as in the pix here, shows that you can “filter” those results by using the timeline shown as a bar graph to point out the “when” of when you’d like to see results….a not-too-shabby idea, Google!

But….all that said, to what advantage can this be considered for a searcher? If you want to see an aggregated results page for our friend Paris, then I guess this would have value.

If you want to say search for “Hamilton plumbers” (give that a try, I just did!) and what you’ll see is 5 URL results, 2 pointing at Job boards, 2 pointing at a commentator on same and 1 — yes only 1 real Hamilton plumber who’s posted hiw Twitter page for us to click thru too. Course, the issue is that this PlumberBob is located in Kansas, and I got his resulting URL as his real name is Bob Hamilton — ie this is not LOCAL search targeted…as I meant to get Hamilton, Ontario plumbers…all pointing to further fine tuning that needs to be done, eh!

Bottom line? Google RealTime search is of value to those who need realtime search…on topics that are very very contemporary and now….but for business? Dont think so, lads and lasses….but you tell me what you think?

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10 Responses to “Breaking News:Google RealTime is UP!”
  1. I agree. Real-time search will work well in some contexts, but in others it will actually become an open door for all sorts of junk. I’ve just searched “affiliate” and the majority of the realtime results I get are mere trash.

    Looking forward to reading what others will have to say about it.

  2. Jim says:

    @Gino — I agree wholeheartedly! I just wish that there was a way to confirm that the posted realtime results had at least “some” value….but as I’ve been testing same all morning, all I can find is crap!

    that is, when I search for business keywords, say a profession or a service for any type of business, all the posts are pretty crappy….ie so far, I’ve not yet found any valid use for a B2B firm….all of which just may mean that spammers won’t bother with Google RealTime….



  3. Robbie says:

    Personally won’t have any use for realtime search but am glad the realtime results won’t be diluting or polluting the old school results.

  4. Personally I think google real time is all about twitter. At least it seems like thats all that shows up

  5. Jim says:

    @Robbie….yes, I do agree…but at this point there is still evidence that realtime updates ARE still being used in some locales with the normal Web results! That is, while G has moved the index to it’s own area, those Tweets and FB updates are still populating the reg index too! Go to, plug in “Paris Hilton” once more and what do you see? Sometimes I get normalized Web results and others, I continue to get the updating Latest items…no way at this point to say why tho….



  6. Jim says:

    @Connor….um…I too see TONS of Tweets…but the G mgmt team reports that they get feeds from Twitter, Blogger, FB, CNBC, JaiKu, FF, CNN, mySpace and more….but yes, with the HUGE popularity of the 140 char Tweet…it’s no wonder its the big voice so far…

    and, just wondering here….how long it’ll take to see SPAM on same….haven’t so far but it can’t be too long off…sigh….



  7. Yeah Jim I think its just going to take a while before google realizes that tweets can be mostly spam…therefore they need to filter out spam tweets..its going to be a real mess

  8. Jim says:

    @Connor…re: “…..its going to be a real mess…”

    spot-on comment…sigh…ya’d think that the engineers at Google would have at least tried to come up with somekind of a filter on the algo, eh?



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