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#LocalU Conference a Cleveland Success, eh!

July 2, 2010 by · 9 Comments
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Well, I’m back from a two day quick trip to Cleveland and attending the #LocalU SEO Conference there offered up by David Mihm’s leadership over at! And what a trip it was, both the first-time drive to Cleveland on I-90 and the Conference itself.

You have to remember, that unless you do attend Conferences or Seminars in person, your whole on-line friendships will never ever be as “big” as they can be — hence the chance to attend this Google Places/LOCAL Conference was high on our list to meet online friends in person!  And we met a superb bunch of SEO types at the Conference itself as well as later over happy hour too!

David Mihm, whose blog has been on our Blogroll since we began, is the Seattle based SEO practitioner who offers up SEO both on a regular search basis as well as on LOCAL searches too. His annual Local Search Ranking Factors reports, compile results from 34 of the globes best SEO types and help rank the various algo items so that the rest of us can read/learn/research same for our own clients. His site offers up further research and learning opportunities — including being the host for the #LocalU Conferences that have been run. The one that I attended just on Wednesday past, was their #3 offering and they’ve got many more planned over the next few months too! My advice here is to ATTEND! Signup and get your rear into one of those seats to learn all you can about Local search opportunities….I did and I and my clients are happy already that I attended as David provided a solid tactic that I’d never ever considered before! I’m going to code same this weekend and install same for a client next week, so thanks muchly David!

Matt McGee, yes another Blogroll link on this site,  is one more person that I finally met in person at the Cleveland #LocalU conference. Matt is well known online for many various blogging and SEO domains – his site offers up info on working your locale for blog authority; his site offers up search marketing help for small business and his columns and articles over at point out to all of us the varities of search engine characteristics that are always undergoing change! Matt presented on the whole Social Media area and how using various tactics can help achieve both better online reputation and help prove your online credibility in your own community at the same time! Thanks Matt!

Mike Blumenthal, another Blogroll link here too, is known the continent over as “Mr Local” was a third online friend who I finally got to meet in person which was really a great comfort to me. I’ve been reading Mike’s blog over at now for a few years and to meet this expert in person was truly a great thing. Mike knows Local, and his blog and his comment sections are chock’full of tactics, ideas, hypotheses, testing and reporting….can you ask for any better? I think not! This day, as some of the scheduled experts had to send their regrets, Mike had to “fill in” for a few and his approach to their material — as well as to his own, was a great capture by us Conference attendees! I learned much from both the “ABC’s of Local Search” as well as his own pointed approach to “Ranking your Business in Local Search!” too! Well done, Mike. Oh and an aside…Mike has a new iPhone and used it both in his presentation — he showed the power of Google via a mobile search and contacted a client in that manner in real time — as well as he used the iPhone all evening too…to constantly search for info on any topic we discussed! As both Mike and Matt pointed out, mobile seach is truly a coming item to pay big attention to….and that goes for us all, eh!

Other presenters there were just as complete and spot-on with their own presentations; we heard from a Bing Local Listing rep, Maryam Gholami who walked us through their Listing Center and from Anita Campbell, of Small Business Trends (who own btw!) on how to prioritize your time when it comes to social media….as well as Geoff Karcher of the Karcher Group who showed the basics of search engine result marketing and how small business can improve their visibility too!

Great Conference? Yes! Did I attend thinking I’d learn a lot? Not really, we’ve been involved in SEO for 10 years now, and in Local for over 2 years…but I was MOST surprised that I did pickup quite a few great tips at the presentations. I really attended to put “a face” to join my own online friendships with the top Local experts in the country is the real “why” I went…but learn stuff I did!

And lastly a personal thank you to those same experts, David and Matt and Mike and others too, who joinedup a bit after the Conference at Champs for some beers and then a smaller group for dinner!  The talk then was of a more ‘client-oriented’ subject matter — what works and doesn’t work for us on an individual basis. It was my luck to sit close to Mike at that dinner and listen/watch as he expounded on some of the varieties of Google’s local search algo….interspersed with iPhone lookups/and searches….Mike does love that iPhone, eh! And David, your true hospitality is both muchly appreciated and I will reciprocate at the next #LocalU I go to — hopefully you’ll offer up an Advanced segment too!

So….I await notice of the next fairly close #LocalU from and would comment that if you’ve ever considered ranking for the 600 million Google local searches that are done daily, you too should go to and sign up for notices of the next Conference….it’s really worth going, eh!

Other very knowledgeable SEO folks I met who attended were ~
Jim Gianoglio of LunaMetrics in Pittsburg, PA….great fella who knows SEO, eh!
Michael Feuti of ChannelNet of Dearborn, MI…another astute and well spoken SEO guy
Craig James of….an entrepeneur who has his eyes on the horizon


Jim Gianoglio of LunaMetrics nicely just provided the following photos from the Cleveland #LocalU Conference and even of our ‘happy hour’ later too!


In this pix, we have myself (with the Peace Sign, eh!), next to me going left is Dave Jabas, then Mike Blumenthal, David Mihm, Mike Feuti, Anita Campbell and Mike McGee…all actively chatting on all things Google, eh!

In this pix, we have Mike Blumethal (in the yellow shirt) making a point to David Mihm and Anita Campbell! Go Mike Go!

And a shot of all of us at dinner later…thanks David! Great to sup with folks who live & breathe SEO, eh!

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9 Responses to “#LocalU Conference a Cleveland Success, eh!”
  1. Jim –

    It was great fun talking to you over beer and dinner (btw – I owe you a round next time we meet!)

    The knowledge that was shared at that table over dinner was worth twice the price of admission – not to mention making new friends and getting to know everyone better on a personal level.

    I also have to thank you for pointing me to that Mixergy interview of Rand Fishkin ( – I plugged my iPhone into my car speakers and listened to it the whole way home (followed by his interview of Todd Friesen). It definitely made the 2 hour drive much easier!

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Jim…
    much appreciated the photos and the .mov too, which once I figure out how to add to this post, I will do that too!

    and yes, the Rand interview is very very interesting….

    stay in touch too, love to hear/relate to SEO practitioners from all over the continent, eh!

    and have a happy 4th too!



  3. Mark Geyman says:

    The #LocalU Conference held in Cleveland, last week, was an excellent half-day conference! It was full of useful and practical information. I would highly recommend attending it in the future! Congrats and “great job” to all who were involved in making it a huge success!


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