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DIY SEO Website Audit Tools:Freebies!

July 21, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, you’ve got a new client, or you have your own new website build underway, and you’re thinking “hmm…I wonder if this SEO stuff that I’m doing is best practices strategy and tactics…” and you’ve not yet found a way to determine that? You want to know if your website is going to perform well, SEO wise in Google et al….you want to check the “health” of that site….and you don’t know how?

If that describes where you “are” in your own DIY SEO strategy, then I’ve got two links for you….links for totally free “health checks” for your website or a clients…but a disclaimer is necessary up front, eh!

The links herein, all take you to URLs where you are asked to plug-in an URL for your site. This automatically starts that site’s scripts up to look at your chosen site and to grade it according to a formula developed by the company who owns this website audit site. This is both a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time.

Good thing, in that the two sites I’ve listed here do a fairly nice job of ranking the basic on-page SEO items that we SEO practitioners know about. That is, they all use say <title> tags and your use of same, to identify what exists on your chosen site, and then they “rank” that use by you (or anyone reallly) against a formula that they’ve developed. Better ranking %’s mean that according to your on-page SEO tactics, you’re doing well….or not! So a gentle reminder that all these audit sites use their own formulas, so the actual % shown will vary — sometimes drastically as in our own rankings too….

But there is also a bad thing to consider too…that you should not ever believe that just because you got a 95% ranking from one of these website audit sites, that either your job is done…or that this ranking will bring traffic. Your job is never ever done, eh! You need to upgrade your content, your backlink campaigns on a daily basis almost to continue to grow and get your site up and up and up in the serps. And one more thing too that can be or may be mis-construed by users of these free website audit sites — and that is that your content, the actual text and images on your site that will appeal to visitors and begin the marketing of your products/services aimed at conversion IS NEVER RANKED by these sites. That only you can audit by using your conversion metrics…but on to the examples here for these URLs…

Website Grader is one of the best ones we’ve found, and it’s run by the folks over at Hubspot, a well known and respected online marketing firm. I like this site and always run our own sites as well as any client prospects too thru same to get a sense of how the site ranks using their formulas. A nice thing about this site tool, is that you have to insert your email address too…and they both offer up the online report as well as email you same with a link there to the saved online report too!  A nice touch and a point I’d like to add is that their formula I believe is one of the best that there is for website users! Oh, you can also add a ‘badge’ too with your score on same, a nice idea but a bit – just a bit IMHO, hokey…..but the choice is up to you of course!

Woorank is the other website free audit site I wanted to tell you about too and this site is the result of much hard work by a group of online marketers and creative designers and yes, it’s free…and it’s different formula wise too! I like woorank and I think you will too…it’s the same as the websiteGrader one, in that it goes to your chosen site URL, and maps out all the variables that it needs to create a score….and then shows same in a nice online report that you can also export out as a .pdf too, a nice touch. But this audit is different….

What do I mean? Well, the first example up above at websiteGrader gave this site a 95% score according to it’s own formula — and woorank gave a score of 49% for this site — a whopping difference, eh! Why is the question, and that’s all according to the formulas that these two firms have that does the ranking on this site – on any site that they’re asked to rank!

So when you run your sites through both of these free audit sites, you will need to be remembering that your ranks will be different as they have their own formulas and they value various on-page SEO items differently, eh! But run them through both you must do…to drill down through each report to see the line-by-line items and how each found something different to rank on…and where you’ve not as yet done enough on-page SEO tactically to get higher ranking scores. Doing that, we’ve found, is a great way to increase your on-page SEO dexterity….and that’s a good SEO habit to pickup, eh!

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