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2011 Search Marketing Report from MarketingSherpa is Out!

July 5, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Yes, the long awaited report on search marketing for 2011 is now up and available!

This report is one of the ways in which MarketingSherpa tracks the latest trends in search marketing from over 2000+ agencies, companys and business owners to offer up insights and knowledge on what works!

Usually, MarketingSherpa combines both organic search and PPC search into one annual report, but this year for the first time, they’ve split the Report into two editions — this one dedicated to search engine optimization and a further one dedicated to pay-per-click search advertising.

Don’t have a full membership over at MarketingSherpa you’re thinking? Which might mean that their research and KB are not available for you and your clients? If that’s the case, then you can always download their 19 page PDF excerpt of same and look it over that way. If that depth and breadth of SEO factors interest you and you think that you’re going to learn more from the full 203 pages with 169 charts and tables on search AND social integration on marketing, budgets and metrics….then go for it! They’ve even got a 30 day free trial membership too for those of you who believe in market reasearch, MarketingSherpa is well worth the costs, eh!

Look, here’s one of their charts from the excerpt, that talks about SEO Maturity….

As you can see from the chart which asks the question “Please select the statement below that best describes the process your organization uses to perform SEO practices….” — and 46% have an informal while 34% have a formal process that they routinely perform! That’s about 80% of companies that have an SEO process in place of some type to perform SEO! That’s impressive to us as it means that more and more firms are looking to SEO to help drive new, targeted leads via website traffic! Great news for 2011, eh!

More? You want more? Okay, then how about these very interesting statistics….on the Perceptions of SEO at Budget Time. Contributors were asked this question…”Which statement best describes how SEO is perceived by your organization at budget time?”

As you can see, 24% said that SEO produces measurable ROI so let’s increase our budget liberally!!! WooHOO! And a further 43% said it’s a promising tactic and will eventually produce an ROI so let’s increase out budget conservatively….again all good things for us SEO practitioners to see ensconced in corporate mindsets, eh!

While space here doesn’t permit much depth on this Search Marketing Report, Ican tell you that the TOC for same runs 6 full pages and is chock full’a good stuff…so what’re you waiting for, anyways? Drop by the MarketingSherpa site to at the least download the Report excerpt and think about the value of the full report and access of ALL of their reports for the price of a membership! Solid business research from professionals, is how I’d describe such a deal…and it today’s business intelligence marketplace, a true winner, eh!

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