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Three Words is the Sweet Spot for SEO keyphrases!

June 28, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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So, Chitika, the folks who do some pretty amazing research, have just published a new report, that shows that three word phrases work best for SEO!

That is, for any search engine statistical numerical comparison, three word phrases drive more traffic to a website than any other number of words in the search phrase! And that is very very encouraging for us SEO practitioners, eh! How’s that? Well, let’s take a look/see at their report numbers…

Let’s look at the full sized graph, shall we?


As you can see, their sample is just over 40 million hits and for that statistically, they found that a three word phrase ranked up at the top for over 25% of those hits! The next top word counts were two-word (19%), four-word (17%), and finally one-word (14%).  Any query beyond five words will see dramatically lower traffic, throwing into perspective just how fragmented traffic from long queries really is….for those of you who think that a nine word long tail keyphrase has some “power” we note as they did, that such a length is well past the “sweet spot” eh, especially here for Canadian SEO campaigns!

So, if you’re thinking “long tail” and know already that such a search phrase does have a higher conversion rate, then I’d also think “three words” too, and offer up a shortened keyphrase similar search opportunity as well…no sense in missing out on these ones too, eh!

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