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Canadian Directory Links: What’re they worth, eh?

June 7, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Okay, the whole directory value question may need some ‘splaining…but here’s our take on the “value” of a link from a canuck directory site to your own site…least in our experience, eh!

Based on our own true belief that the “formula” that drives an SEO Campaign to the top of the rankings….is based on the fact that you need links, or rather “back links” from other sites to combine with your own superb content, to rank nice and high on a search engine. Simple and easy to understand and neither simple nor easy to accomplish. Hence the variety of serps that the world sees for their websites.

And once you understand what ‘works’ in the back link acquisition world, you’ll find the following can be true, eh? That a back link from some sites is “worth” more to your own site than from others….at least according to all we’ve learned spent in the past decade doing Canadian SEO, eh!

And is there a formula for that? Not a formula, in our experience, but based on our own empirical evidence, yes there is a “gauge” that you can develop to work with…and here’s what I mean — specifically in relation to our own Canadian SEO campaigns for clients using Canadian directories…

The more channel authoritative a directory site is that gives you the back link, the better the link juice will be!

It’s that simple and yes, that difficult too, to gather the strength of a back link based on that short sentence, so lets use an example (no clients were harmed in this hypothesis, eh!)

Say you have a site that is a window manufacturer, you make windows of all shapes and sizes and materials and you sell same to house builders, home renovators and the consumer too who is looking to renovate their home. You know that such a diverse group of prospective buyers will search for your products on the web’s search engines and you also know that this group breaks down into two basic but seperate trade demographics…

  1. trade buyers — those who know, understand and live windows…who buy for their own developer company hundreds of windows for a whole new housing survey…
  2. trade renovators — those who know a little and who will buy windows for a new client whose house they’re renovating…

All two of these groups will search for the various keywords/phrases that you’ve targeted and all three will see varying results (thanks G!) for those terms…but what will make your own site get up top for all of them? Yup, back links.

For the first group, the trade buyers, you need to think about their own level of knowledge and how much they are “plugged in” to the online window world with regards to organizations that can help make their job easier. Is there a national/state/provincial organization that they might belong to? Sure there is, the group with a huge website with listings to ALL it’s members, including yes, manufacturers too! So, you join same and you begin to gain both credibility and reputation within your channel….you “belong” and that’s what is important in many ways. First, that you get a listing that links back to your own site…which will bring both link juice as well as prospective buyers in the trade buyers demographic. Next, you also will be a part of that association’s marketing efforts on your behalf, a part of their lobbying efforts for all regulations and lastly, you can also, if you’re so inclined, be a more integral part of that association by becoming a contributor of time and effort to make them bigger and better — all GREAT things in your own industry, eh? A reall win-win situation! This group is also the biggest buyer of your product (once you are found online for them to check out your product and inquire about pricing) so the time invested in working an association back link offers big dividends….not instant sales mind you…this is a long-term effort for long-term gains!

The second group, the trade renovators, are the demographic that includes the guy in front of you in the pickup truck at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru lane with the pickup and the magnetic sign on the side that reads “home renovations”…the kind of entrepeneur that will buy say 3 or 6 windows at once to fulfill a home renovation. This kind of entrepeneur will search for your site based on his own thinking of keywords and will find you (if you rank!) and then call for a quote. The kind of back link that this demographic will respond to, is the kind that puts them on a “peer level” with other home renovators…and what are they? Think about it….where would you get a link that will give you the link juice that will help drive your window manufacturing site up so that this kind of searcher will find you? Yup, it’s the kind of link that is this type…the home suppliers, the home renovators, the home buying groups, the home service clubs, the home handyman clubs….all of the smaller “associations” the provide help for conumers by listing various members and their contact info so that a consumer can get quotes on their own home renovations easily. If you do a simple search on, you’ll find as I just did over 2 million directories that list aid for a consumer to find a contractor. Go to those directories, at least say the top 30 and check them out. Are there listings on same for not only contractors – but suppliers of products too? Then join, or subscribe or add on your own site to get both listed for a consumer to find you — but also to be found by a home contractor too…who will search for window suppliers first on their own. Solid work is needed here…but once listed, you have little to do to update your profile….just get the calls from prospective new window buyers is all that’s needed, eh! And don’t forget that consumers too will use these channel directories to qualify various window suppliers too….or to vet a short list of window suppliers given to them by their home contractor! Channel directories work, eh! And they work well!

The bottom line is quite simple. You will get, depending upon your input, time spent and abilities/skill-level value, calls and querys from such links for the two trade areas we’ve outlined above. That’s proven in our own and everyone else’s SEO practice and is vetted daily by millions of searches.

But what is more important, from a long-term point of view, is that such directory links WILL get your site ranked higher in search engines. Yes, it takes a bit. And yes, it’s a never-ever-ending “churn” of rankings, i.e. one week you’re #4 the next you’re #9….that’s just the way the rankings work. But the link juice from quality directories, within your channel will pass to you and your serps will rise. There, I’ve said it again….but note, that the rise in serps comes from RELAVANT directories within your channel. Do not bother with anything else, eh….as that’s a time waster and hey, who has lots of time to waste in today’s economy, eh!

Note: for a nice infographic on an allied theme, go here to see what a UK firm has to say about the value of ALL back links…don’t agree totally with their rankings but not a bad attempt at all!

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    ay, the whole directory value question may need some ’splaining…but here’s our take on the “value” of a link from a canuck directory site to your own site…least in our experience, eh! Based on our own true belief that the “formula” that drives an SEO C…

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