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AVG:Free and Google Search Work Well Together!

June 21, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Okay, you’re most likely wondering what I’m referring to via the title of this short Monday am post, and here’ s the skinny. First, I usually hate adding anything 3rd party to apps, to change the planned/designed user experience value. That is, I’d rather have to think and click, than use an add-on to “add” value to a website or desktop application.

There. I said it. But, in this case, using AVG, the well known and respected anti-virus program to “aid” my using Google has helped…and let me explain.

First, I was in a forum where other web developers/SEO practitioners look for help and I’d answered a couple of SEO type queries, when I saw a complaint by someone who was offshore, ie non-North American based. They said, at least from what I gathered, that they’d had their account ‘suspended’ by the PayPal people and wondered if anyone else had had that happen. I take it, that they were interested in learning how to get their account ‘un-suspended’ to get paid and access their funds.

So, knowing that many many folks who get upset at a company will often use their spite and go and buy a domain to slam the offending firm, I figured I’d put in a simple “paypal sucks” into the search field and see what I got…and AVG stepped up and let me know right away, that one of the sites in the search results, got me the new-to-me red X that meant Oh-Oh — here’s that warning box to look over the info tendered –


As you can see by the listing, AVG provided full info on that domain, including the warning that going to such a site contains “active threats” and that the Risk Category for same site was listed as an “exploit server!”

Did I say, nah…I don’t believe it and click that link anyhow? NOT on your life….a warning like that is warning that I believe is true…and as such, I knew that while I’d forget ever going to that site, I did wonder…how many others who do NOT have AVG on their browser watch, might have…and how many rue’d the day they did.

So…AVG? Great product in my mind….check them out here….and while no browser watch 3rd party add-on can protect you from all things, the AVG app surely begins that task for anyone who goes and buys same! Oh, they even have a free anti-virus app too….that’s still pretty good and it too caught this same exploit server as well as I happened to be on a box here at the office that uses the AVG:Free one!

Now hows’ that for a great add-on app, eh?

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One Response to “AVG:Free and Google Search Work Well Together!”
  1. Herb Fleen says:

    Um..didn’t know that…but will look into the AVG:Free one today!