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Our SEO Tactics/Report Potpourri!

May 12, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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I need to lead with this one! Mike Blumenthal is a New York state based SEO who specializes in LOCAL search for his many clients on both a state and national basis, and he’s got a real jam-packed SEO Tactics report entiled “Where Social and Rank Meet…” that you can look over here…

With info therein on social rankings, rank relevance, where we all stand in the google scheme of things and much much more, means that anyone who ever thought about Social ranking needs to read this one!

Some of the latest stats on Google MAPS (ie LOCAL search) show that there are approximately 20% of all google traffic using same and that accounts for millions of searches a day….numbers that any SEO firm or a SME business owner needs to be aware of, eh! Make sure you look over his tables on “Who shares reviews with who!” to see just where the juice comes from and where it goes too!

Mike’ s own blog we’ve had up in our own blogroll, at the bottom under the title Understanding Google’s MAPS and a visit there every morning by ourselves is well worth the click-thru, eh! Mike knows his stuff and I like his take on “all things google…” and the back and forth tween his readership and him always brings out more information and tips too! I’d highly recommend that you get over there to see what I mean — and to help your own Social ranks too!

Copywriting can be a tough paradigm, especially in old-style traditional media. Add in the fact that most of us now use online searches and that means that a website will most likely convert traffic from ‘tire-kickers’ to ‘buyers of services/products’ based on the copywriting found on your website. This is a sad but true fact to learn and I’m so so tired of going to a “we’ve got the cat’s meow” of websites in our channel to read the home/landing page and seeing poor grammar, lousy adjectives and adverb usage, god awful cliches, malaprops, and more….all trying to turn a visitor into a customer or client….sigh!

Well the author of this .pdf, Brian Clark, a found over at Scribe among others obviously agrees with me, and wrote this pretty fair all encompassing report on “HOW TO CREATE COMPELLING CONTENT THAT RANKS WELL IN SEARCH ENGINES!” — go here to d/w your own copy, eh!

And what a great insight he has too! Brian says it best here in his intro —

“These SEO copywriters seemed to have magical word skills that allowed them to place just the right keywords in just the right places and amounts, and even in the densities that were just right for miraculous top rankings. And that’s all you needed . . . or at least that’s what was advertised.

There’s no doubt that the location and frequency of keywords is still critical. Search engines work by keying in on the word patterns people are looking for and returning relevant content. But that’s not all there is to it.

Here’s the deal . . . much of what determines the ranking position of any particular page is due to what happens off the page, in the form of links from other sites. Getting those links naturally has become the hardest part of SEO, which is why we’ve seen the mainstream emergence of social media marketing as a way to attract links with compelling content.

Put simply: If your content isn’t good enough to attract good, natural links, it doesn’t matter how “optimized” that content is…”


And that’s spot-on, eh! Please do take a good look at this report, and yes, while Brian does “pitch” his own services too at the end, you can make up your own mind on the validity of his offer…looks good to me tho! I like Scribe and their approach to copywriting….I do!

As you most likely already know, I like the site over at Marketing Sherpa, and while I know that their reports always cost something, every once and awhile, they publish an “excerpt” for a good one — just like their latest “Social Marketing ROAD Map Handbook” and you should definitely look over same via this download here…

It’s chock full of some great charts and images, offers up a complete TOC for you to look over and does present a couple of choice items to consider — if you’re in the social reputation arena. I like this simple note —

“Social marketing is maturing to the point where the mainstream is now in transition from the trial‐and‐error phase of the learning curve to the strategic phase. Marketers are learning to begin their social initiatives by researching the medium and monitoring target audiences to determine realistic objectives. Then and only then do they formulate tactical plans and roll‐out the social platforms required by the plan…”

If you read that with a eye on learning you should have a whistle that’s as “whetted” as mine! I went on to devour the whole except Report and yes, I’m ordering my own copy of the complete Report in 5 minutes!

THIS is good stuff…and I’ve clients who need this kind of solid Social rationale to get them to ‘buy-in’ to the whole online Social Reputation management game…and the Marketing Sherpa folks have helped me here big time!

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    I need to lead with this one! Mike Blumenthal is a New York state based SEO who specializes in LOCAL search for his many clients on both a state and national basis, and he’s got a real jam-packed SEO Tactics report entiled “Where Social and Rank Meet…”…

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