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Canadian Newspapers to also offer SEO???

May 24, 2010 by · 4 Comments
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Over the past long Victoria Day weekend, there’s a new development in SEO offering firms that just may affect us canucks too! The Gannett Media chain with over $6 billion in revenue, has  apparently begun offering up pilot SEO services to SMBs in the Phoenix, AZ community! Read more about same here….

Gannett are the folks who own many major dailys in various US cities along with radio and tv stations too — not to mention their USAToday paper, they will attempt to provide SEO services to various advertisers and other small/medium enterprise businesses in an attempt to become a one stop marketing shop in that pilot community.

Their site for same is called and from their home page here’s their raison d’etre —

With the power of Gannett, the company behind USA Today, The Arizona Republic and, we can jump start your advertising. What can we do for you?

  1. Build traffic to your business and your website by getting you great placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  2. Help your customers find you by getting your business on Google Maps
  3. Ensure you stay top-of-mind through attention-grabbing advertisements in The Arizona Republic, the largest local newspaper in Arizona

As you can see, they’re attempting to sell marketing services to local businesses, to try to boost their revenues….but that’s not the real news.

The real news is, that they are NOT going to be providing any SEO services at all….that’s because the site and the whole search engine side of the business is powered by OrangeSoda, a Utah based SEO company with dozens of employees and clients too! Well known and respected, this Salt Lake city based SEO firm was founded only 4 years ago and has already risen to be among the ranks of the best performing SEO firms on the continent.

And it now also appears that another major Newspaper chain has just announced the same type of marketing strategy too. The McClatchy Company, the #3 US newspaper chain, is now partnering with WebVisible Inc. to provide the same SEO marketing services and here’s a quote from their Press Release

The program has been so successful — advertising sales in March were roughly five times higher than the previous month — that McClatchy and WebVisible are planning to add new markets every month through the end of the year. The Anchorage, Alaska, and Charlotte, N.C., markets were among several that were recently launched. The next phase will include Boise, Idaho, Miami, Fla., and Sacramento, Calif. By December, the roll-out will encompass McClatchy’s 30 daily newspapers in 29 U.S. markets.

Okay, so what might that mean for us Canucks, you ask?

Well, we too have some major Newspaper chains (google for them to see who they are… ) and what I’m wondering is….who’s going to “step up” to the plate here first?

This is a pretty solid idea, from both a marketing future best practices premise as well as a solid partnership advantage that any “forward-thinking-for-new-business” canuck Newspaper Publishers should be able to grasp right away.

Think about it….ad reps are already out there selling display adverts and lineage to every single SMB they can find. What’s to stop them from simply adding in an online URL for that advertiser to go to learn more about SEO; how to drive new traffic to their website and by doing so, how to add value to their advertising campaigns at the very same time too, eh! Partnered with local SEO firms, any canuck newspaper can add value AND dollars to their revenue stream, by adding SEO marketing to their marketing mix!

The Newspaper partner would be seen as providing a new marketing thrust to their advertisers ROI. The SEO firm that provides the skillSet to enable the new traffic and conversions provides the advertiser with both LOCAL and web result new customers or clients.

And that sounds like a “WIN-WIN” situation to me!

Hello? Canadian Newspaper Publishers….are you listening here folks?

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4 Responses to “Canadian Newspapers to also offer SEO???”
  1. Jan says:

    Perfect setup for a newspaper chain with huge Google Pagerank. Call it “advertising services” while it amounts more to offering a hugely important DO-Follow link to the customer’s website. A real easy way to guarantee placement in Google.

    Matt Cutts, are you hearing this?

  2. Its really a great thing, Some thing like revolution gonna happen in SEO industry soon.


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    Canadian Newspapers to also offer SEO???…

    Over the past long Victoria Day weekend, there’s a new development in SEO offering firms that just may affect us canucks too! The Gannett Media chain with over $6 billion in revenue, has apparently begun offering up pilot SEO services to SMBs in the Ph…

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