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Outmoded & Outdated SEO Advice is all too prevalent, eh?

April 9, 2010 by · 4 Comments
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My request over at Ann Smarty’s site to find an occasional guest blogger, has so far been okay from an SEO blog point of view. In the past couple of days, I’ve had a couple of responses, and one blog piece submitted for my vetting — and that’s what I want to talk about today. What happens when a guest blogger offers up advice that is outmoded and past it’s “best-before” date for an SEO campaign.

My request was for a piece on SEO, aimed if possible for Canadian SME’s who want to learn how to do their own SEO campaigns, but if the piece wasn’t localized but still good, then I’d still consider same.

A very nice young man from California offered up a short piece on his own site’s SEO campaign and how it has helped his own site (a new and small online wine store) climb the ranking serps for his channel which would be “online wine store”, something that google alone shows more than 80 million hits on, in other words a pretty tough channel. His chosen tactic too, was fairly simple, in that he wrote articles, and sub’d them to various online directories (names not named to protect the innocent, eh!) and that while he’d climbed the serps somewhat via the do-follow links, he had no idea really on the efficacy nor efficiency of that tactic.

But I do — and telling our readers that such outmoded and outdated tactics work, is less than a good business practice!

First, I have to give this fellow credit! He is trying, and I understand that if you run your own online business, there is not a lot of leftover time to spend on all of the needed marketing tactics in an overall strategy to get your site up at the top of the serps for your chosen channel. That’s a given. But the method that he chose to use, is no longer of any long term or even mid-length term success, for the following reasons and here’s my shortened for use here, emailed reply —

“re: your tactics — they do work for like a day or two. But then the next set of articles is published in thousands of sites just like the ones you use – and the link  juice from your pieces is devalued. And then next day they’re devalued again…as as Google et al go to those promo sites  sometimes  many times a day for new content, the value of any piece on same quits having any impact in any SEO campaign in hours…and that devaluation increases in mere days and in weeks, you’re  not gaining any link juice at all. NOT the right way to think about SEO, IMHO…”

I will admit, that I seldom offer up this kind of spot-on advice to an SEO newbie, who’s trying his best to get his site up in the serps. But something about the tone of his SEO guest blog piece made me believe that he was being sincere, and was trying to get his site ranked. The fact that he had “bumbled” into some bad advice about SEO articles and their submission to other sites, was not surprising, as I read everyday in dozens of forums and blogs, comments by the same type of SEO newbie and how they heard that tactic A works best or tactic B is superior to all….sigh!

And this fellows response? Well, instead of me getting one of those “you’re a f*****g idiot”  brush-offs, he took the time to spell out what he’s found out on the web and what their $400 monthly SEO consultant had done in the recent past (not a thing it appears!) and asked for some guidance, so I wrote a long, email back, espousing what I think would help. At the same time, of course, I did comment that such a budget of $400 US a month is very very small, and the kind of SEO campaign you’d get from same is either outmoded, outdated or just not spot-on either. I don’t think he was happy with that news, but then I was just trying to be truthful, eh!

And guess why I gave them that big green checkmark up top?

Many of the marketing ideas I sent back to him in that lengthy email, he and his partner are already into and attempting to do!

  • They have a spot on their site where they’re in the process of creating a ‘wine library” of info and videos and their own blogs and pix too!
  • They realize that they need to create an online reputation by visiting and commenting on various top-quality wine forums and blogs and gaining backlink credit that way. Of course as these do-follows die out quickly for link-juice, the real reason is to create that reputation NOT for the backlinks, but that’s an allied winner!
  • They know about ‘old school’ marketing too, via networking, local events, charities and non-profits etc etc. and they’re getting into same too!

All of this points me to the conclusion that Mark Aselstine, of Uncorked Ventures, is going to “get there!” Via his two emails, I can tell! And if you drop by to take a gander at their site [] you’ll see what I see too…two business owners working hard at starting a new online business…what can be better, eh?

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4 Responses to “Outmoded & Outdated SEO Advice is all too prevalent, eh?”
  1. As well as detecting bad phrases, you may find some new good ones. For example, you may see that a keyword phrase you did not optimize your site for brings useful traffic despite the fact that your site is on the second or third page in search results for this phrase. Using these methods, you will arrive at a new refined set of keyword phrases.

  2. Mark says:


    Thank you for the kind review. I certainly don’t apologize for not knowing the exact steps needed to take for SEO when we first started the business. There is plenty of bad information out there and we’re still sorting through it. Given online wine sales is now a 3 billion dollar a year business, it makes a lot of sense and we’re small enough to adjust on the fly.

    I’ll certainly keep you updated on our progress.

    Lastly about the response you expected….anyone who would respond in that fashion to someone offering an honest opinion, probably won’t be working for themselves for very long. I want this to be a long term business and that requires more friendly faces (and email addresses) then the alternative.

    Thanks again


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