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Our CanuckSEO Search Story!

April 16, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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With a great “tip-O-the-hat” to Lisa Barone, a blogger extraordinaire over at Outspoken Media…I followed her great posting and went to YouTube to make  our own search video…what a hoot that was!

And my reason for this posting is to tell you that you — that anyone — can go to YouTube and with a few very simple clicks, make your own online video too! As you know, we’re SEO practitioners, but that doesn’t matter a whit. Anyone can use this “create your own” service and here’s a pointer on how to do same…

First, go to this YouTube URL — and view the opening vid and you can also look through some of the other ones made by folks just like us all….some great ones there, eh!

Once you’re ready to do your own, find this button and click same…to enter the create your own area…in the labelled area #1 Write.

Now the fun begins…you need only enter a search term in the first field, then adjust the matching drop-down for the Google area you want to search in…and then the YouTube online app will run that search and show you the results! If you come up in the search listings, great? Wait, only competitors say? Then adjust your keyword search term and try again…

Once you’re done with the six search terms, you finish off the search portion with the final item to search for…in our case as you can see, we put in our phone number to be searched for….a nice touch, we think!

Next step, you click the NEXT button and you are moved through to the #2 Add Music area where you then get to pick out a soundtrack to add to the background — again more fun! I listened to like a dozen or so, before I settled on the Sci-Fi Beat offering and that’s what you hear in the background of our own Search story.

And you’re done! Hitting that NEXT button will get YouTube #3 Preview and Upload area to to compile the video and then watch same. Happy? Click the Upload button. Needs some work? Click the BACK button to re-edit same…

It’s fun and it does require some real thought to get your own search terms to work for you, if you’re planning on doing up a promotional video for your business.

Our own CanuckSEO Search Story took us about 15 minutes to get it “right” and you can view it below or click here too — Our CanuckSEO Search Story!

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