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Malware Attacks are on the Rise!

April 26, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Clients of course, call us for all kind of “off-topic” reasons and we are fine with that, as we like to be able to help them solve computer and business isssues that can arise at times. And our latest string of 4 calls from 4 different clients appears to have a theme — one that’s not so dang nice, eh!

All of them have “other” sites…that is while we look after their major corporate sites for both SEO and in many cases CMS or web development in general, they also maintain on their own, secondary sites that are either “hobby” sites (model airplane kit building is one example) or sports sites (their son’s hockey team site) and all four of them have been hit in the past week with the Google malware warning notices! Looks like malware attacks via domain insertions is back, eh! Where they trick you into coming to their site, infect your machine, grab your FTP logins and then upload hacked code to your site!  For more info from Google on this matter, click here….

The thing is, and this is somewhat hard to understand, that for the most part these sites are “minor” players on the world wide web stage. They are about airplane kit building, and where to get that exact type of rivet template or decal for the 8th Squadron…etc. Very ‘teensy’ import to the rest of the world and that tells me much, eh! If someone then is getting malware onto those domains in any way shape or form, then to me, that means that they are NOT targeting such sites via a “rifled” attack, but that they’re using a “shotgun” approach to target everyone. Want to know more about malware? Click here to go to the wikipedia site to read up on the subject….

And that’s a bad thing, as that kind of mindless idiocrity is more “kiddie scripter” than “hacker” and that’s a dang shame for us all. Why these idiots would bother to attack a model airplane kit building site, is beyond me…and shows that just plain studpidity!

So, what can you “do” about that? Well, while I publically almost never ever mention purchased software a couple of items come to mind, that we use on our own computers here at the offices and that I always at least mention to our clients when they come on board.

First, is AVG – and yes, there is a very good, free version out there too! Go to their site and click on the Free version download, install and then instead of you “seeing” the type of google search results you see above, you’d see this type —

As you can see, AVG puts a notice RIGHT in the google results that shows you that this site for example, has a potential to infect your computer. It will not stop you from clicking on same, but you are at the very least warned that such an action can cost you dearly….

The AVG additions to the google results areas can of course be turned on or off and that allows you to “see” threats (at least as compiled by AVG) in any google search results page…a dang good thing in our way of thinking, eh! And their Pro version is even better, in my mind and available at a small cost too….

And that’s not all, either. It’s also not often that I get to mention a friend, but over at SiteSecurityMonitor, my friend there Jason has crafted a terrric application that can both monitor your sites on a daily basis and inform you the moment that there has been a change to same — but also that you can ask for a free malware scan to check on your site’s “health” at any time! Pop over to that site and take a look/see….and check out his Plans & Pricing page too….site security is one of the most important things needed in this web world, and they provide same, eh!

(Note: full disclaimer here would point out that we have no stake in this site service but we do know Jason and know that after years in security for BigBlue, he’ knows his stuff, eh!)

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One Response to “Malware Attacks are on the Rise!”
  1. I hate malware creators. What sort of sad person needs to ruin other people’s hard work to give themselves a bit of self-esteem?

    It’s a shame that it’s easier to destroy than create.