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An Un-Scheduled SEO potpourri…

April 22, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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We’ve been so so jammed in the past few days, that as a result, I need to move my normal Friday potpourri, to today! That said…here goes, eh and still #1 on our radar is the ever-changing, growing Yellow Pages!

It seems that there are a couple of interesting tidbits out there, and not the least of which is the great Infographic available over at DIY SEO….entitled “The Case of Disappearing Ink!” A wonderfully done, interesting look at how the breakdown of Local Search methods is split among the various generations for both digital and traditional (print) breakdowns. 

From what I see, those digital methods continue to grow and traditional or print continues to wane….most likely IMHO, supported by the YPG buying up just about every single Canadian online directory it can find! Make sure tha you scroll all the way down on this longish infographic to get the full charts and information.

And while you do that, notice below in the comments that this site, like millions of other sites has been hit with a blog comment spammer….notice the comment after comment all touting prescription drugs? Yup, spammer and that’s a real shame….sigh…

While still on the Yellow Pages Group, I should also point out that if you’re an iPhone owner, they’ve just released a new iPhone app called “The Urbanizer”  that will offer up selected Canadian cities restaurant reviews — Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa based solely on their mood and social networks. It’s stated that this app is “Urbanizer is an innovative interactive application that recommends places in your city based on mood. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner, or an evening out with friends, Urbanizer will help you discover the perfect place that suits the mood…” Remains to be seen, and the lack of any kind of national coverage is somewhat disconcerting, but on their website you can “vote” to add your own city…which of course, I did. As usual with all iPhone apps, you simply use same to go to the iTunes store and as the app is free, you simply install. Will watch for any stats on just how many of us do this, but I’m thinking that as this is a Canadian app for Canadians by our own Yellow Pages Group, that many of us iPhone owners will try this out….remains to be seen, for sure, but a nice idea nonetheless AND it uses of course the YPG directories as well. Oh, full PR is here too…

Over at the Retrevo blog, the question they ask and explain via some great infographics is “Is Social Media a New Addiction?” and the answer appears to be — well, go here to learn more, eh!

It also appears that their answer is backed up by some pretty good research, and their Gadgetology poll shows that they (and we too) were not surprised to learn how many people appear to be, shall we say, obsessed with checking in with their social media circles throughout the day and even the night.

And it doesn’t matter which style or type of social we’re talking about either…folks get obsessed it appears and check on various posts, blogs, twits, diggs, etc. etc. all the time….makes you wonder just how we whiled away the time before computers even came along, eh?

And lastly today, from my favourite SEO blog and from my favourite SEO practitioner, Rand Fishkin, comes his simple-to-understand infographic on his take on Googles’ PageRank and what that can mean to an SEO practitioner or SMB owner. It’s backed up with Rand’s typical full blog posting explaining in detail what he’s found in his 8 years of SEO work as to what the PR really means, how it affects one’s search engine rankings and what he states interestingly enough as one of his conclusions — “PageRank doesn’t matter much!” There. Said it, he did. And we agree big time! So don’t let that little green bar up in your Google Toolbar affect your own SEO campaign with any degree of authority, eh!

Thanks Rand…muchly appreciated by both us and our clients too!

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