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An SEO Potpourri….

April 1, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Well, first…a happy April Fools day to one and all! I won’t bother with the expected joke/prank/dumb stuff that one sees online this am all over the web.

Instead, just a quick potpourri of items….not the least of all is our inclusion as of today in Lee Odden’s TopRank’s BigList of Online Marketing Blogs! WooHoo! We made it to this listing of over 400+ blogs that cover online marketing ranging from SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) to blog marketing, marketing with social media and online public relations! Here’s what Lee wrote when they added us to their listing —

“CanuckSEO — Long time internet marketing veteran Jim Rudnick writes with passion and flair about “Canadian SEO for Google Success!” as well as small business, local SEM and plenty of flavorful opinion posts on a variety of search marketing industry topics. Go for the tips, stay for the story telling and enthusiasm…”

We’re pumped about this! Muchly appreciated Lee et al…and we’ll try to live up to that review too!

Moving ahead this am, we must mention how pumped we also feel, in that our posting yesterday of the breaking news on the YPG groups purchase of CanPages and our own summation that included the phrase “paper is dead!” appears to be vetted by others too — all over the web!

One of our most favourite spots online for infographics is the fine DIYSEO blog, where they publish same occasionally. Go here to see the full sized version of their own take infographic wise, of how the various demographics of us all, are using both paper (yellow pages, eh!) and online searches to find a business or a service etc and what kind of numbers are being researched too!

Here’s their own intro to same — couldn’t have said it any better, eh!

“…In recent history, it was an everyday occurrence for people to find local businesses in print directories. However, the large shift in how people search cannot go unnoticed. Today, more and more people are using digital tools for their primary resources, and audiences are reacting in different ways.

It is pretty obvious that digital search methods will continue to see a lift in popularity while traditional search methods will decrease. Does your business have an integrated local search strategy for hitting your target audience?”

Drop by their site to see that — and many other infographics too!

And lastly this am, we thought that as many of you “do” PPC campaigns, that you might find the latest infographic on PPC — “The History and Evolution of Paid Search” diagrams pretty interesting. Even though we’ve not run a PPC campaign for clients in over 2 years, and hence have not bothered to keep up with that channel, the information was quite interesting and I see (do you) some further possiblities available here. Their own intro to same says —

“Paid Search has come a long way since its “official” inauguration back in 1996. Of course, paid search has presented itself in various formats since then and many providers have come, gone, purchased one another, and rebranded…”

Go here to see same over at GreenLight’s blog to see the full sized image and read more too!

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