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Using Google to Search for Gold Medals!

March 3, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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During the past 20 or so days, in case you’ve not had your tv turned on, the 2010 Olympic Games held in Vancouver were just about the biggest draw ever in sports television history! Yes, I know…so what does that have to do with SEO?

Well, the interesting part of all of the competing nations and their striving to win gold medals is the search patterns layed down by global or nationalistic searchers….and that shows peaks that are very interesting, eh!

Ably reported just yesterday by Google themselves on their Official Google Blog in this manner —

“During the past two weeks, athletes from around the world competed at the Games in Vancouver. While these thousands strove for gold, millions around the world searched for “2010 Winter Olympics, 밴쿠버 동계올림픽 (Korean for “Vancouver Winter Olympics”), and Juegos Olimpicos de Invierno 2010 (Spanish for “2010 Olympic Winter Games”) using Google search. Now that the medals have been handed out, we thought we’d take a moment to share how some people from around the world searched for information about the Games.”

The full piece goes on to show how various nations citizens searched for items related to the 2010 Olympics and covered Norway, Japan, Korea, the U.S. and yes, Canada too!

Canada was not only the host — it also won the most gold medals of any region during any such games. Like the U.S., interest began with the opening ceremonies, and was dominated by men’s hockey queries, causing a huge spike during the gold-medal game on February 28 as well as smaller spikes for games against USA (February 21) and Russia (February 24). The final women’s hockey game against the U.S. on February 25 also caused a small bump in searches.”

As you can see, over the period from Feb 12th to Feb 28th, we peaked during what can be seen as the “important” event dates for what Canucks seemed to be interested in knowing more about….the Opening Ceremonies, Can/US hockey game day, Can/Russia hockey game day and yes the all important final day Gold Medal hockey game too…won I’d very much like to add by Canada!

 As well, it also appears when taken from this article on the Google Blog, that we canucks were much twice as much more likely to search for “Vancouver 2010″ or “medal count” on Google, which ain’t bad for a country of 34 million, eh!

So, GO Canada….and yes, IMHO, we DID own the Podium, eh!

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