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The Real Cost of Social Media is Time!

March 12, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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While most clients think that Social Media offers up a great ROI at first, what then dawns on them after the presentation we’ve noticed is the sudden realization that if the SEO Social Media campaign is free dollar wise, it can be very expensive time wise!

Sure the costs can be great in that the dollars that need to be spent on Social Media look like they may be $0.00….but then again, as we’ve often noted, most VP Marketing types then realize that they will need to “find” someone who can do the campaign on their company’s behalf. Say, how about Susie over in Accounting, she’s in her 30’s and she’s always chatting about Face-something or saying she’s been re-twitted dozens of times. Maybe she can do this for the firm….sigh!

What really is needed is a good look at the whole Social Media world, first of all. Clients should understand that to properly manage their online reputation, they will need to devote more than dollars to such a campaign, they will need to devote time by providing the best experts they can find to both create, develop and then manage their online brand!

What does this entail, from a time standpoint? Well, let’s look a blogs — say this blog for openers and what kind of time it takes us to properly create and write an article and publish same here at

Blog Ideas:

Time wise, it’s not that “expensive” for the ideas…they come freely and we normally have to cull the list from about 4 or 5 such ideas each time we write a new blog article.  There is a wealth of material online for us to learn about, over the whole of the SEO Canada world, and we have learned just how to find that material and get it sent directly into our INBOX, via RSS feeds, google/yahoo/bing news alerts and various other SEO newsletters, forums and blogs. We read about 65 blogs every morning — rather, we open each of them up and scan the latest offerings looking for SEO tactics, news, viewpoints, rants/raves etc. So the ideas come pretty easy….it’s the filtering of all that data down into the next piece to report on here that’s the real challenge…

Article Writing:

This too is fairly easy, as after more than 40 years of writing all kinds of copy, from copywriting for ad agencies to working for marketing depts in major firms, we know how to write a short piece on a topic with some degree of both competency and the ability to pass along the point of the piece. We edit same often throughout the writing process and this blog software has made that pretty easy. Oh, sometimes I write a piece in Notebook too…if I’m on my iPhone or a laptop as that allows me to just write for content and ignore all formatting etc…then just copy&paste here into the blog software…neat and simple and easy!

Publishing Blog Articles:

Ahh…the actual “publishing” is pretty easy, it’s a simple single button to click that puts the article up on this blog. And that’s it…takes like a second, eh!

Blog Promotion:

Ahh…here’s the rub of the whole blog social media tool…once I click on Publish, that isn’t “it” — in fact, that’s only the start of the job. After a piece is live, I then have to use the blog software to publish notices about this new piece on the various other Social Media platforms, from digg to Tweet, from Facebook to LinkedIN….there’s more than 40 of these that we track daily for our online reputation and that means that a fairly straightforward routine must be multiplied by 40 just to “get the word out” on my blog article. And as we’ve found this is the real hidden expense of our own Social Media campaign….and for clients this can also be both a chore and a cost that has to be considered BEFORE any Social Media Campaign can be entered into for their firm.

Want to know more about those time costs and info on how to decide on your own Campaign and what you can do about solving some of these issues for your own firm?

Well, here’s some quick links to learn about that too….

  • A great piece by Mike Moran at SearchEngineGuide is here
  • A great Pingdom piece on Social Media Demographics by ages is here
  • BusinessWeek has a great piece on this same issue here  too….


If you read our blog regularily, you’ll know that we love InfoGraphics…and here’s an absolutely great one on how SMBs are using Social Media and their own ROI!

Go here to see the original over at!



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3 Responses to “The Real Cost of Social Media is Time!”
  1. Very true Jim; and the time isn’t just spent in the doing, it’s the understanding – of the technology, the process, the changing background, and the way that their potential customers use the media.
    Hey, I find it hard to keep up myself, especially given that at the more social end of the scale I don’t trust the interactions not to violate my privacy, so I restrict my own use of some of these channels.

  2. nashrul says:

    Blog Walking…………….


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