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LOCAL Search Refinements for Google Search!

March 29, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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The official Google search blog noted the following changes to their major algo and responses in this way — and this is important, so sit up and listen!

“Refinements for local searches: Whether you’re looking for info close to home or while you’re traveling, it’s now easier to find things to do in the cities you’re searching for on Google. Now when you search for a city name, we’ll show you popular query refinements for places in those cities. We’ve found that people like to explore several places during a trip, so when we show one point of interest, we’ll also show you related points of interest. For instance, if you’re looking for food or a place to stay, you’ll also see some of the top category and neighborhood refinements to help you choose a place. This new feature will be rolling out over the next couple days for 200 U.S. cities, and in the coming weeks we’ll expand coverage to more cities internationally…”

Note a couple of things here and this is what we’ve been preaching here on for months now — that LOCAL search is coming into it’s own! When you do a search for a city, Google will now add small, text links below the #1 item shown that they call “refinements” that will list points of interest.

Think about that for a second – and here’s an image to look over to see what I mean, one that comes up today when you simply search for say, Boston!

I’ve outlined in that red ellipse, what Google has added (for selected cities so far only) to the mix, ie a listing of related points of interest. Really, this is sort of a “no-brainer” in that anyone searching for Boston and a hotel  or Faneuil Hall would almost every time modify the search term to include same, but there they are anyways.

And those links? What happens when you click say on the Hotels link?

Yup, you get  the Google 7-Pak, LOCAL search display as seen here below…

Note please that this 7-Pak has been covered already in previous articles here and all across the web in other SEO practitioners blogs as the lastest incarnation for the Google LOCAL business listing results for geo-targeted search queries.

So what does this mean for us canuckseo types and how may this affect your own business listings?

Well, as Google has announced that this “refinement” has only been rolled out for 200 US cities, so far after much testing, not a one of any of our provincial capitals nor major cities has such a refinement as yet. But we know that they’re coming to Canada, and that will mean that those sites who already have a LOCAL business results presence, via Canadian citiations, reviews and listings will fare much better than those who don’t, eh!

Think about that if you own a Canadian business and want to get more traffic! A fairly easy-to-accomplish method to gain that traffic via a new link in Google! Now that can work, eh!



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