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Canadian Citations – Breaking News on YPG!!!

March 31, 2010 by · 4 Comments
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Well….it’s consolidation time up here in canuckland, eh!

Yes, your ad dollars spent with the Yellow Pages folks have been busy lately and just yesterday, they went out and bought Canpages, our national local search and directories publisher!

The original Press Release notice is here for those of you who may want to dig to read it’s entirety…. and their fact sheet is here….

Prices noted for this sale were in the neighbourhood of $225 million dollars and the purchase included this quote —

“…Headquartered in Vancouver, Canpages publishes 84 directories for a total circulation of approximately 8 million copies. The company’s website,, attracts more than 3.5 million unique visitors each month. Canpages generates annualized revenues of $110M, with an online contribution of approximately 23%. The company employs about 700 people in Canada, of which more than 450 are sales consultants…”

Now that’s an interesting quote, in that Canpages also has a deal that is a few weeks old, with PDC (Phone Directories Company) of Utah, to provide search data on a continental scale — and with them just being bought up by YPG….that both consolidates the data into one set of servers on a North American scale!

Hmmmm…you’re thinking, so how might that affect my own site and web traffic via SEO? Well, here’s our take on that issue….

Via the ownership of ZipLocal by CanPages also a bit ago it’s becoming apparent that as ZipLocal provides online local search services in Canada to connect buyers and local businesses (the company’s search sites include,,, 411, and the consolidation is being distilled even more, in our view, eh?

Let’s face it, in our world, the yellow pages are dead. I have been asking family, friends, clients and many many more networked acquaintances, if they continue to use the yellow pages to find businesses…and the answers have ALL BEEN THE SAME! Not even once a month, does someone offer that they use same. Oh, there are the folks (me too!) who open up the yellow pages to the restaurant section to go through an ethnic menu listing (say for Thai food) that lists all kinds of dishes — but we order never from same, as we just use that list to find what we want and then order from our own local Thai delivery restaurant. Yellow page usage? Not any more…

Oh, and this just in too…that just last week, the YPG folks changed their logo — from the familar-now-for-decades one of the fingers walking over the top of the yellow pages themselves…to this new one with this quote too — “…YPG explained that the new logo removes the book in order to signal that the product is now multi-platform…” – i.e. the book is gone just like the dying model is too, eh!

 So if the yellow pages are dead….then what is the YPG doing about same — and here’s the angle to ponder!

They’re buying up as many digital indexes as they can. They know that paper is dead….so they’re moving into the digital world in a big way, consolidating indexes and trying to ensure that they will “still” be a major player for ad dollars in a decade….

Hence the purchase yesterday of the CanPages group and it’s new online oriented directories including not only our logo’d pix above, but what else it owns and operates at some of Canada’s leading properties and here’s only a partial list of their online directories, including ZipLocal,™,™, Auto Trader™(.ca), Home Trader™(.ca), and

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4 Responses to “Canadian Citations – Breaking News on YPG!!!”
  1. Buddy says:

    Guys – there is no “continental” issue here – the USA side is a separate entity and YPG has divested itself of its US properties.

    If you’re going to write something, can you try to write the correct info???

  2. Jim says:

    As noted, Buddy….the YPG group did divest itself of the US properties…under this deal.

    Course, in our experience, that can mean that they just may “buy back in” at some future date….

    We’re concerned here with all things Canadian, so this is water not under our bridge…but we’re watching them big time, eh!




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