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Canadian Citations – Breaking News on!

February 22, 2010 by · 7 Comments
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Once again, our Canadian online search arena has changed! If you’ve ever wondered how come your Yellow Page ads cost so dang much, here’s an example of how some of those funds are being spent. The Yellow Pages Group, who already own,, and have just purchased the site to add it to their stable of online phone indexes here in Canada. According to their Press Release, they have signed an agreement to acquire an ownership position and interest in, to allow them to leverage traffic between them and all their other properties too!

And how big exactly is, when it comes to online searches? Their latest stats show that has close to 10% on online users generating 13 million queries for local Canadian businesses each month! They state quite clearly, that they are the most visited online LOCAL search engine in Canada, with over 2 million Canadians using their services to find more than 1.5 million LOCAL online business listings!

Now, that’s a claim that needs some notice, eh? Realizing that for most of us, that huge yellow paged book sits in a kitchen or office drawer, for the most part ignored by us all, online searches for businesses is the most efficient, real-time method to find a listing for a business you’re looking for at any given time.

We know that these listings come in many guises in the directory, from basic free ones to full premiere listings for fees, we believe that if you run a business somewhere in Canada — you need to be on same!

Go to their “Add your Business” page and begin the process of getting that listing, to help your firm get “found” online….and remember, if new customers or clients can NOT find you, then you’re giving them the opportunity to find your competitors, eh!

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7 Responses to “Canadian Citations – Breaking News on!”
  1. hfleen says:

    great news, Jim!

    have just listed our ecommerce web site and would hope we can be found too!




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