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Bub-Bye Yahoo — it’s been Swell, eh!

February 19, 2010 by · 9 Comments
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Well the news is out this am, that the Yahoo Search Engine is all gone…that is, to be mothballed as all search engine work for that company will now be done by BING — which is Microsoft as you may know!

Oh, it’ll take about another 8 to 10 months to fully implement that take-over, but effectively the longest serving competitor to Google has been eaten up by BING, which launched last year.  With Google having over 90% of all searches use it’s site/index, Yahoo was stuck at around 4% and BING after lauching recently acheived around 4% or so….which will now put the combined Yahoo/BING numbers at less than 10%. But, so what, you ask?

Well, what has happened is that MS via it’s BING search engine has now positioned itself as the only real Google competitor after this business maneuver. They intend it appears to continue to compete in the search engine channel against what can only be described as Google’s monolithic hold on that industry. Think about it for a second or two…this business merger has just been okayed by both the US and European regulators. It vets the position that while you will still be able to search using Yahoo’s search buttons — the results do NOT come from their own algorithms, but in fact will be supplied ‘back door style’ from BING, using Microsoft’s own algorithms to show results. But that’s not all the news, eh!

In fact, while the search engine that BING provides will power both BING and Yahoo, the new advertising partnership, will entail Yahoo selling premium search advertising services for both companies, is a frontal assault on Google. Yahoo does advertising for both firms and MS via BING provides search resultst…a splitting of capabilities, but now merged under one roof, eh! Google as you all know, has long dominated the search market, but to be honest here, I think that Google is used to this kind of attack. I mean really, when you’re #1 — ALL the competitors are gunning for you and even when to take into account the huge SIZE of this new alliance attack by Microsoft and Yahoo, how scared can you be, eh! Swatting mosquitos is maybe the term to think of, in my opinion!

So, to us canuck SEO practitioners, what does all this matter? It means that even more now, we depend upon Google for our rankings and client traffic!

Well judging by stats, about 10 folks out of 100 use some “other” search engine than Google, to find what they’re looking for….so we’re talking first of all about a small minority! Next, of those 10 searchers, only about 8 or so will be using the BING/Yahoo search engines to find stuff — so we’re again talking about tinier minorities here…and IMHO, Google has the right to not be worried at all. Neither Microsoft via BING nor Yahoo had any success competing for search engine stats before, so combined, they’re even less of a worry as BING’s algorithm really and truly is a teensy player.

But us SEO types think about this from a slightly different point of view….because we think of optimizing your sites for ranking success. And as of today, we’re all on notice that there is one fewer search engine to nurture, to nourish to, to develop into showing our clients with the best possible rankings…and that’s a bit of news that we will all react to! Here at KKT INTERACTIVE, we run the Top 10 search engines for all of our clients as a matter of course, and with today’s news we can at some point this year, drop the Yahoo/Yahoo Canada engines as those numbers will be exactly the same as the BING serp results…so what we’ve now got is the Top 8 results only. More and more, Google dominates and that’s not a good thing for the globe, in my opinion. And what that also means is that we SEO types who need to provide skills to gain traffic for our clients, need to find “other” ways to find that traffic…and with Yahoo now gone, we need to widen our search too!

Sigh….search engines morph daily with their algorithms and their results, it’s true…and while this makes our job slightly easier, to be honest, I will miss Yahoo….been running their optimization tactics for over a decade and it’s just sad to see them go, eh! Oh well, off to find some new search engines to replace them, eh!

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9 Responses to “Bub-Bye Yahoo — it’s been Swell, eh!”
  1. Tait says:

    And Bing has been gaining market share, and Bing will be on the iPhone.

    Google doesn’t dominate everywhere though. For example, they’ve had a tough time in China.

  2. SEO Diva says:

    Eh. I only optimize for Google anyway. The others fall into line.

  3. Jim says:

    @Tait…I’d have to agree that while Google doesn’t “own” the globe for our Canuck clients only North American/European/Australian online traffic seems to matter — hence my focus on those markets where G is still KING in search percentages. As you may not know, G is and always has been on the iPhone too since it’s inception and while BING gains marketshare, surely 4% is nothing to be worried about from a Mountain View perspective. Google rules and for us SEO types that has some concerns which I touched on in the article….

    @Diva — true, optimizing for Google is a best practices, but for instance have you considered this? Many clients we get had someone else begin their SEO Campaigns, and in more than one instance, they butchered the job AND the client suffered. Coming in as the “SEO Doctor” has sometimes meant that while we totally restart the site with regards to G — we look for alternate search engines to try to get some immediate traffic from. ASK for instance like say DogPile and even AltaVista STILL get millions of searches a day as a part of their teensy less than say 2% of global searches. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if you optimize quickly for those engines, that you can “make some hay” while you await G and it’s ponderous updates and re-claims to occur….follow me here? I.E. — get traffic for clients from wherever you can while you await G to get aboard…, it does! and let’s face it, what “works” for clients is a good thing, eh?

    The Google Monolith continues, eh!



  4. shane says:

    Got this link off of Linkshare very good article on the Yahoo Aquiistion

  5. 24ondemand says:

    Nice article to read don’t thing bing can surpass google.

  6. Interesting article. However, I just thought that I’d add a comment about my experiences with

    I run a bilingual site (English and Japanese). When it comes to English searches Google beats Yahoo at a ratio of about 8:1. However, when it comes to Japanese searches which arrive at my site Yahoo beats Google (Yahoo has a share of about 60-70% of traffic to the Japanese section of my website).

    Both and results are similar for my site’s content too so it’s not just a case of Google not serving my site well.

    So, it’s worth noting that Yahoo still has a significant share of at least one of the world’s larger search markets. – Rich

  7. coreyman says:

    Wow, I can’t believe yahoo is giving it up. I’m going to miss siteexplorer, I hope they keep the tool running! – or I hope google comes up with a better IBL tool :)


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