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Malware Trojans Continue to Increase via SEO!

January 11, 2010 by · 1 Comment
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Having had malware infected clients before, where somehow an exploit was taken advantage of by a hacker, meant that the client site was then labelled as “Malware infected” by Google, we know that this kind of infection, leads to god-awful SEO rankings! In fact, what happens is that Google, when it detects the malware on your site via it’s automated  bots, it then “blankets” your serp listings with this header —

As you can see, this is a older image that occured awhile back (for google itself even!) but the intent of course was that Google would inform users that the site that they showed in their results page, could harm a site vistiors computer, including of course, the unknowing “drive-by download” infection.

What’s a “drive-by download” infection? Ah…. here’s  a great link to a site that explains that among other malware glossary items…or then again there’s a Wikipedia on same here too. But that’s not the only kind of malware that can affect a user, ie not only on your website, but on your own computer too!

My point today is that Sunbelt Software, one of the web’s premiere security software firms last week released some latest figures on their Top 10 Malware Threats…and “drive-by downloads” to a user’s own computer, are still up there! To see more of their latest survey results, including that list of Top 10 items, go here to view same. And please do note, that they also show that using SEO, hackers will now use popular search terms to try to get website traffic to infect their vistors computers!!! Here’s the list from today’s report —

  • “Brittany Murphy” (leads to redirect sites selling rogues)
  • “chromium os download” (leads to rogue download sites)
  • “New Year’s Parades”
  • “Tiger Woods car crash” (sites offer videos with Trojanized video viewers)
  • “Tiger Woods rumors”

Trojans, it appears still hold the majority of the rankings, where you are infected, and you dont’ even know it…but yes there are symptoms that you suffer and here’s a short list to pay attention too — do you suffer from any of these?

  • You do a search, and you end up on a new strange search site instead of your chosen one (Google most likely, eh)?
  • Your firewall or anti-virus is turned off somehow?
  • You see lots of network or taskbar CPU usage, but you’re not doing anything to generate that kind of traffic?
  • Do strange icons appear on your desktop, or shortcuts that you never remember installing?
  • Do you get notices from your firewall that a process needs to be okayed, but you don’t recognize same?
  • Lastly, that if you’re worried and you try to open up your anti-virus it flickers only and then closes?

All of these of course, with many many others are symptoms that you’ve been infected….and the bad news is that you do need to fix same….else, your computer is now compromised and your performance and trustworthyness will sink greatly! You will then need to go to your anti-virus software website to search there on how to find a cure ie to dis-install the Trojan that has infected you via a drive-by download. All major anti-virus software firms offer up just that kind of aid, as well of course as you could also Google for help using say “how to disinfect my computer” or “trojan removal tools” or “malware removal guides” too….

No matter what you choose to remove same, you should also check on any of the online forums for various posts (search for your help cues via the name of the Trojan that is found on your computer) on how others removed same.

Trojans….real threats….from real idiots! My apologies to one and all on behalf of us “computer types” eh! …sigh….

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One Response to “Malware Trojans Continue to Increase via SEO!”
  1. Jim…. Good Article… This is indeed one of the leading risks to any web enterprise. We covered it here as well:

    And here is a nasty real story about a customer as well:

    Its a good thing we offer free website malware and vulnerability scanning to our clients!