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Friday: Our InfoGraphic SEO potpourri…

January 15, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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Hello once again, canadian seo seekers!

First thing, the title of today is my attempt to try to put out at the end of each week, the items that I’ve just been too dang busy to blog about thru that week, i.e. the ones that I didn’t have time to get too — or were ‘scooped’ by the larger sites that employ writers to blog. That, as you most likely know, is not us…we work hard each and every day on our canuck seo clients accounts so while our blog is important, we’re still just a bit too small to be able to write each and every day on breaking SEO news. That said, look here most likely every Friday for our “potpourri” column on all things of note in SEO!

Okay, so first up, is this great InfoGraphic from the folks at Greenlight Marketing, available here… As you can see, it clearly has gathered the latest stats on the major Search Engines available from a host of reputable stat accumulators and shows same in a wonderful global map for easy reference. Surprised? I was to learn that in Russia, there is a search engine with TWICE the share that Google has….can’t pronounce that name of course cause it’s in the Russian cyrillic language…but nonetheless, I was surprised!

As InfoGraphics go, this one is not that detailed but very spot on….easy to refer too if you’ve need of a quick refernce as to the search engine marketshares in some of the top global markets!

Take a look too at China, much in the news today with their recent war with Google…and note that Google in that country has a 32% marketshare….which in a country with billions of users, means a large large monetary issue too!

And if that’s not enough for you graphics folks, here’s yet another (one of two) that shows the progression of SEO tactics as they’ve matured from a start back in 1994 up to this year 2010…and while I agree with most of the listed items, I do note that there are a few “missing” tactics…but more on that in another upcoming blog.

Pointedly, if you look at the rise in the past say 4 years in what they’ve labelled as “Link Context” and “Domain Authority” increasing curves based on the decreasing curves of  “Page Rank” and “Anchor Text,” it’s easy to see what the latest trends have become….do you see what I see every day in our own SEO practice? I hope so!

In my book, these folks over at Greenlight Marketing have a real sense of the web and search engines and have captured (at least in my book) a very good style in explaining sometimes difficult to understand items about Search Engines and their role in our modern day web usage. Hat’s off, Greenlight!

And lastly today for our look at great InfoGraphics, no such offering would be complete without a look at the DIYSEO site blog and their graphic from last month entitled “SEO ROI is King!” here…. As you can see, they nicely laid out an easy to understand graphic that offers up both B2B and B2C looks at what the Percentages are for an ROI on an SEO Campaign. Absolutely GREAT info and easy to understand and rank via these side-by-side bar charts! Well done DIYSEO!

Compared are various other marketing ideas, like Direct Mail and PPC and Email marketing…all by the way (in case you do not drop by to look at the original) that do NOT have the level of ROI that an organic SEO campaign can have. Think about that for a minute, would you? Plan and put an organic SEO campaign into the works for your site and your ROI will not be matched by any other marketing strategy!

How’s that for spelling it out to the “new to SEO” world, eh?

I love that InfoGraphic and have spread the word on it now for over a month to various prospective clients and will continue to do so too!

Oh, who is this DIYSEO firm? Once again, I can offer that I seldom if ever recommend a competitor unless I know that they are totally top-notch firms (like say or for two shining examples), but these folks at DIYSEO, as term implys, are soon to launch a ‘do-it-yourself’ SEO website. Their tag line is “…a dead-simple solution to SEO for small business owners…” and while they’re still ‘under wraps’ and no one knows what they’ll bring to the SEO marketplace, they are well represented by their management team and I can only hope that they do just what they say they will, provide low cost DIY SEO for small businesses — we need that sort of channel, eh!

And lastly, though not really an “InfoGraphic” item, today I also wanted to speak about a ‘new’ idea in SEO, at least for us serp ranking firms in the usual Google search channels — the use of videos to enable more and better SEO ranking success. I’m still learning about same, I can offer that as yet, we’ve not looked at this for a client from our SEO client roster, but I’m seeing good things from those firms, small business firms I mean, who are using same.  Approached by Tim Tevlin of, I have read with a growing degree of interest on this new (to us at least) tactic and while I’m still trying to work out the how-to use this tactic for which client as a test case, it looks good to me! Drop by Tim’s site, and look over the case-studies he has there and decide maybe for your own site, will this work for you?

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3 Responses to “Friday: Our InfoGraphic SEO potpourri…”
  1. Adam Bunn says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks very much for the mention. Regarding the missing tactics you mention, I’d just like to add for the benefit of your readers that the chart doesn’t plot “tactics”, or even strategy, so much as broad algorithmic factors that we as SEO’s need to be concerned with. Of course, within each of those factors are numerous tactics, some of which are mentioned in the timeline. But while I did consider adding a “strategy and tactics” overlay to the chart as well, plotting the time period in which, say, reciprocal linking was a widely used and effective link building strategy, in the end the infographic just became too busy!

    That said, I appreciate and look forward to any and all feedback that you or others care to give.

  2. Jim says:


    Thanks for the kind words…but more than that, thanks for both the quality of your data AND the artistry on the infoGraphic too!

    Can’t wait to see the next ones…and I go to your own blog every morning to see what else comes from Greenlight…great stuff lads!




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