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Canadian Citations — Breaking News on!

January 19, 2010 by · 4 Comments
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Back about 6 months or so ago, David Mihm a very well known and respected SEO practitioner with a real bent on LOCAL skills, wrote a seminal article on Canadian Citations — the piece recommended I remember about 10 URLs for various directorys to list in, to gain LOCAL authoritative/trust backlinks to your site.

Since then, both Dev Basu and I and a few others have updated that list with some more canadion-only directories to add to your normal listings, to help all of us involved in an SEO practice — but as of today (thanks Greg Sterling!) there is some news about one of the original citation sources on our lists —!

While it was pretty well known then that the firm had also just bought in about late June I think and as such there was only speculation as to what that might mean to us canuck SEO practitioners. Well, word’s out as of today! has just announced that they’ve struck a biz deal with PDC (Phone Directories Company) of Utah to become a major player in online directories on a continental scale! With now over 1400 employees and reach into more than 16 million homes, the new has experienced more than 400% growth with this one new deal. 2009 marked a string of firsts for canpages, including the launch of StreetScene on which provides views of Canadian cities and voice recognition search applications for the iPhone and Blackberry too. The Press Release on same is here… .

And over at — a quick look/see over at shows that yes, they now say “formerly pdcpages” and have the same Press Release available here too… Okay, so the purchase bears out and yes, we see that now, a canuck directory firm controls this new “merger” of US based directories….

But more than that, from my own point of view, is the “how and why” this deal will affect our clients’ SEO rankings and if there will be any new synergy through this new “leap” into the US marketplace with this merger tween the two firms business intelligence? I have my worries, of course, and yes I do realize that this is a novel step where a canuck directory firm gets into the US based search engine business via this company purchase…but I also do wonder as to how to leverage this for our clients sakes?

Going to and putting is a new listing is yes, still possbile today…but to see if that will rollout to US based geo-based searches is what’s really important, and until those questions are either answered or discovered by one of us SEO practitioners, we all await with baited breath, eh? To gain a link to that new continental directory, go here…

Go and get your free link, and then wait like the rest of us to see about just how “big” that link can become….and best of luck,…you will need it south of the border, eh…but methinks that this just might be the kind of “side-door” that may work for us all, eh!

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4 Responses to “Canadian Citations — Breaking News on!”
  1. SEO Company says:

    This article has so much information and is so valuable that I feel like I should have paid for it. It’s easy to tell that it has been written by an expert in the field. Thanks for putting this out and long live free quality info on the web! SEO Company

  2. Jim says:

    @seocompany…gee, thanks I think — you just made me blush!!!

    Very nice to hear, but to be totally honest, I wonder if you “know” anything about SEO? If so and if you have canuck clients, then I’d jump on that free listing right away, eh!




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