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Survey Says: Blogs help SEO!

January 25, 2010 by · 7 Comments
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Recently, we contributed to a web wide survey done by the folks over at TopRank Marketing, on whether or not a blog can help you increase your SEO rankings….and the word is – YES!

Asked to help by Lee Odden over at LinkedIn, our own #1 social business marketing site, we filled in the survey and awaited like the rest of the online marketers, the publication of the collated survey results. And they’re in and it’s no surprise really, that overall, blogs help a company get better SEO rankings!

Many marketing firms are familiar with this strategy and with over 300+ of us responding to the survey, it’s no wonder that over 95% of us already do blog for our firms (or our clients) online as an integral part of an online marketing strategy.

And while that’s impressive, even better is the collated number of us that answered as to whether or not those blogs deliver on the SEO promises that we make — and yes, “…87.4% of us respondents “successfully increased measureable SEO objectives as a direct result of blogging!”

 As you can see from the bar graph here, over 90% of us showed that we feel that adding a blog to a marketing mix is important or significantly important and some online marketing firms count such a tactic as their own primary SEO tactic too!

Overall, the large reliance on links was stressed by many of us as one of the most important facets of adding a blog to your marketing mix, but many of us also indicated that there were other factors too. Go to the survey results to see the short list and note for me that both “communicate with customers” and “establish authority in the marketplace” were well ranked and it’s nice to see that our own rationale is born out by others.

Many other factors are covered in this survey, including the all important one on the blog timeline, that is, after you add a new blog what kind of timline is expected to occur before you begin to see SEO ranking results? And the answers did range, but most of us indicated within the 0 to 3 month timeframe with some additional adds for 4 to 12 months…all good to know if you’re considering the addition of a blog to your own site too! Of course, as was noted, I should explain here that as we’re SEO practitioners, we would most likely know how to optimize a new blog to gain immediate serp traction for your sites, where a business owner may see a slower implementation leading to a longer ranking timeline (hint here, hire an SEO firm to optimize your blog!)

While I’m impressed enough with this survey to have included in a new upcoming posting here on a DIY Blog for SEO article, you can gain some very valuable insight into this whole blog-as-a-part-of-an-SEO-Campaign hypothesis by simply going to the survey results and reading it thoroughly…and then once again too to get all the tips you’d need to understand that yes, blogging can help drive new traffic to your site!

And while our blog is not yet listed on their Top 400 SEO blogs, we’re trying our best to get there….so click on the icon below to see that list! It’s a great listing of great SEO blogs for sure, eh!

And remember –  with new traffic comes the opportunity for new revenues from these new leads, clients and customers, eh!

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7 Responses to “Survey Says: Blogs help SEO!”
  1. SEO Company says:

    This article is definitely worth saving to the favorites. I read just about everything on this subject and most of it is a re-hash of the usual data. This material is quite a bit different in that the information is up to date and written by an author that is on the cutting edge of the field!

  2. RandTaylor says:

    Thanks so much for the great post. I’ve been searching for blogs like this now for 30 minutes and i finall found one that’s worthwhile….

  3. MikeY says:

    I gauge results with traffic and orders. I think we have been preaching this for years. Now the statistics back up what we’ve known for a while.

  4. Jim says:

    @SEO Company, thanks for the kudos! There were more than 300+ of us contributors and together the data is pretty hard to ignore! Blogs work, plain and simple in my book and we (and others too, eh!) have the serps to prove it!

    @randTaylor…again, thanks and drop by often! we’ll be publishing our own blog serps for this very blog in the near future to verify that same rationale too!

    @mikeY….yup, getting proof that what you’re doing is always nice, eh! bona fides for the survey are truly terrific!



  5. Damn started reading post and following links, now late for work. Thanks for the great information on SEO

  6. prof.stan says:

    Hi Jim,

    Very nice explanation I read this articles many time and I realized many of the other seo things I have learn like this.

    Thanks JIM for your endeavor……..


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