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Why 2010 is like 1972 in Canada!

December 27, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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Backstory first on why I think that my own opinion of what 2010 will be like for us SEO practitioners was written back in 1972. Back then, I was in university, taking a new alternative social sciences program testing the “limits” of what my liberal arts course planners could use to try to match the times we were in. That is, if you are at all aware of what the 60’s brought to north america as the changes began to turn us youngsters against authority, against institutions, against religion and mores, against our elders and our peers even….the 60’s spawned (at least here in Canada) a real change in education at a university level, and yes I fully took part in same. So, what’m I talking about in relation to what I think our next year – in fact, maybe the next decade will be like for us SEO practitioners? Simply put, my final paper for that course in first year was entitled “Perceptual Screens Will Mean Will Make Us Blind!” Um….what was that premise?


That in my 20 year old brain, I thought then, like I think now, that each and every human being has, locked around our heads a sort of “screen bubble” made of the same kind of screen you’d find in a screen door up at the cottage. You know, the teensy little squares, row upon row, that keep out the June bugs and mosquitos and all bugs really from entering the space that such a screen protects — and for us humans, I think of that as our brains. We are all protected by that perceptual screen — except that this screen DOES have some holes in it, shaped like icons (tho 40 years ago or so, I didn’t call them that) that are created by our parents, our upbringing, our culture, our ethics, our religion, our peers — by every single factor that can make us who we are.

Think about that for a second. Around your head is a perceptual screen, with say for example a small hole shaped like (in my case) say a cross. Raised as a United Church Protestant, for me, the religious hole is shaped like a cross; had I perhaps been raised as something else, religion-wise, that hole or icon may have been shaped like a Star of David, or a Book of Mormon. Any talks, chats, “raps” or conversation on religion then would be “strained” through my perceptual screen, via that cross icon, and into my own psyche, via that cross icon hole ONLY.

In my 20 year old brain, what I thought then was then that anything anyone talked about had to therefore be filtered through our perceptual screens, via our various icons and only in that way, would we be willing to learn, to research, to comprehend, to evaluate, to detect or divine, to determine, deduce and ascertain HAD to come via that input icon hole. Simple, I thought then and easy to use as a method to try to figure out ‘how’ we learned anything, and why some folks when presented with identical empirical data, looked at it and came to different varied opinions. And further, my conclusion almost 40 years ago, was that as more and more information tried to get ‘thru’ our perceptual screens, we would eventually become “blind” to new data….that as the load increases, our only way to combat that is to simply begin to ignore that data…to become “blind” to most new information. Okay, sure…but remember I was 21 then….and to me this was a logical conclusion after a full years’ study.

So, what does that have to do with 2010 and the next SEO decade? Well, based on my views from almost 40 years ago, I think that our perceptual screens are at work once again. How’s that?

Social media, whether we’re talking digg or twitter or linkedIN or sphinn or stumbleupon or reddit (there’s quite a list, eh!) all work on the premise that a person can offer up personal information, events, news, or discussions, whatever they may wish to convey to friends, acquaintances, peers, or strangers on any topic at all. That means to me, at least that as this new social sharing will mean an increasing “pull” on our time, factored by better technology, more contacts and yes, the “trivialization” of life’s many items by telling everybody everything as nightmares of TMI loom!

And our perceptual screen, I still fully believe will be the best “filter” we will ever be able to count on, to try to protect our increasingly valuable time…our lives in fact. The icons that are on my own perceptual screen, will ensure, IMHO, that I will be able to “tune out” and drop out of the social trivialities that will increasingly make demands on my time. My twitter list will shrink, my list will shrink as will my linkedIN followers too….my screen will protect me I truly believe. I will pay no attention at all, to things that mean little or nothing to me…as my screen kicks in and I think that as I get more and more demands on my time, I will begin to prune my lists of contacts and followers, and I’ll use my perceptual screen to cull those who I can not spend the time with for all the demands made upon my time!

Oh, and that final 5000 word essay? Yup, got me a B+….not too shabby for a child of the 60’s, eh?

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