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SEOmoz Basics for Local Small Biz SEO!

December 21, 2009 by · 5 Comments
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┬áIt’s not often that I find a great article on a competitor’s site to comment on, but this piece on “The Beginner’s Checklist for SMB SEO!” was truly a winner for many reasons — but first a note. SEOmoz is run by Rand Fishkin, from up Seattle way in Washington state and while I’d like to really think that they’re competitors, and yes, they are same, they reallly are up at the “top” of the SEO foodchain. Their clients are some of the biggest largest firms on the globe and they have a large staff, offices and I’m pretty sure, monthly billings that make us look like ‘country cousins!’ Their blog, from which this article was pulled is constantly rated as the #1 SEO blog on the web too…so the time-to-value of taking this link is high, eh!

That said, they sure know their stuff when it comes to SEO. Rand has been at this about as long as anyone and his SEO rankings are also up at the top of the heap. If you remember that SEO — good quality, expert SEO costs money…then it’s no surprise that his firm is considered one of the best on the globe. And what does that mean for the rest of use SEO practitioners who work in the same industry? Well, that we can learn from them, the same way that anyone can learn from an expert. And for the attached link here to this article, we can all learn how to use this pretty detailed list of items to consider when you come to beginning your own SEO program for your small business website.

Written by Danny Dover, who is a solid SEO thinker, this piece lists out a whole raft of checklist items to ensure that you’ve properly begun to develop your own SEO campaign for your small business website. He uses an example from his own Seattle community, a childrens pre-school website to show you how to develop a campaign and it’s both great reading as well it’s also in a checklist format so you could even print it out to use as a form too. That’s great thinking, Danny…and I did just that myself to double/check our own SMB campaign setups too!

And because this is SEOmoz world, there are tons of other links to other SEO tips and campaing pointers, there are nav buttons up top to go thru the SEOmoz site which lists many other areas for help too; research, tools, their great blog, a company directory, their store and even their About us area that shows off this company and their SEO chops! Great company, IMHO…and if you’re interested, they also have a PRO membership level that offers up even more great SEO tools, guidance and help too!

So give this piece a read….it’s worth the trip up to SEOmoz just to see how well researched and written this piece is, and if you’re a SMB owner, you must give it a read!

Go here to read Danny’s article….

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5 Responses to “SEOmoz Basics for Local Small Biz SEO!”
  1. Larry Chrzan says:

    This is a good article, and a very good roadmap for SEO work. It did come out a year and a half ago, so I’m not sure why it’s brought up here now. Some things are different now – for example, SEOmoz’s keyword tool is no longer free.

    But I work with a lot of small / medium-sized businesses and few of them are willing to do the things that are in this list. My experience is that for most SMBs, this type of SEO work in not in their areas of core competencies, and they don’t want to do this stuff, they want to do the things they are good at, and leave the SEO work to others. It’s great if they know about this stuff and understand what an SEO is doing for them, but few want to do it themselves.

    As an SEO consultant, I’m happy that they want to outsource this work. Not only does it enable me to have a good business, but it allows me the opportunity to provide a valuable service that companies are eager to outsource.

  2. Herb Fleen says:

    I would suppose that the reason that it was written, was that it was that good! I didn’t know about three of the items listed by the original writer, Danny..but they ARE on my list now! And while I’m interested in only my own site…I think that many SMB owners could benefit from a read of same!


  3. youproblog says:

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  4. I always recommend SEO to almost all new webistes. To get nice traffic we must always optimize better SEO.

  5. Jim says:

    @youproblog — glad you like my opinions on both SEO and marketing for our clients here in Canada….drop by often and you’ll see that we blog at least 3 or 4 times weekly….about all things SEO, eh!

    @premiumwpthemes — and also nice to have you here too! interestingly enough, this of course is also a WP blog….I LIKE WP, eh! and you too it appears!