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SEO for 2010 EBook Launched!

December 29, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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No matter how long and how often I try to help newbies to SEO, it seems like I continue to hear the same old false “SEO tips” from them that they’ve picked up somewhere on the web that are so outdated, so wrong that following them will mean a site banishment from Google!

I read them on forums all across the web, on blogs as comments, on more forums that support these same outmoded and surely “past their best-before date” opinions, that this is the ‘good stuff’ to get your site up onto page #1.

And they’re wrong!

With more than 9 years now of SEO practice, with over 30 clients and yes, we STILL have all of them (i.e. we’ve never lost a client ever!) we know SEO! We practice it every single day. We work at it and we’ve learned that honest, hard, long hours spent building content and backlinks are the ONLY way to SEO client success! We have patience. We have knowledge and we provide both to our clients — way past what we see online as newbie after newbie comes onto the SEO stage to ask if the tactic that they just read about “works?” And of course, it’s an outdated outmodded one…and no, it won’t work…sigh.

Why more folks just wont’ realize that hard work “works” is beyond me….everyone it appears is looking for a quick, easy way to get rich via a page #1 ranking on Google…and I’m about fed up with that!

So, this EBook covers the very basics of the top 8 tips to get your site UP and onto page #1 in Google, by disposing of those outdated outmodded tips that still circulate all over the web. It spells out in simple language with the facts outlined based on our over 9 years of experience, as to what you should NOT do, and what you SHOULD do, to rank. Period.

What is the EBook’s Table of Contents?

  • Introduction
  • Brief History of Search Engines and their Algos!
  • TIP # 1 – Will Auto Site Submissions Improve my Rankings?
  • TIP # 2 – Do Paid Site Submissions Improve my Rankings? 
  • TIP # 3 – Will Optimizing my Site will Improve my Rankings?
  • TIP # 4 – Can Doorway Pages will Improve my Rankings?
  • TIP # 5 – Do Link Wheels will help my Rankings?
  • TIP # 6 – Do Auto Directory listings Improve my Rankings?
  • TIP # 7 – Can Paid Directory listings Improve my Rankings?
  • TIP # 8 – Surely META keywords will Improve my Rankings?
  • Summary for 2010!

If you follow this guide you will take your place on page #1 at Google…and remember, to read everything ELSE you can find on SEO…and then hypothesize, test, analyze and learn how to rank!

Yes, there is a cost for this, but it’s pretty nominal, as you’ll note, it’s only $11.99 US via Paypal. Click on our Order button below to pay and it’ll be emailed to your email address right away.

As always, as we update the book twice a year, you’ll also receive the newly updated version each and every time Google changes the game to continue to rank your site…and we follow them religiously too! You won’t be left behind, in other words….and that’s a fact too!

So if you’ve got the urge to rank on page #1 at Google, then click on the EBook cover below to go to our order page….and much thanks!


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